How to Easily Increase Breasts or Feminine Attributes with Photoshop

In today’s world, in which Social Networks have become so popular, it is common for people to share images of their day to day. And in many cases they are retouched a bit to make them more harmonious or to fit the current beauty standards.

That’s where the magic of Adobe Photoshop comes in, whose most striking feature, in its latest versions, is the ability to vectorize images. Which in turn allows it to be edited without distorting the image as when it is made up of pixels.

This is the case with the feminine attributes edition. Photoshop allows you to increase or modify them without distorting them so that they appear to belong to another image.

This article will show you step by step how to edit your photos to increase the size of female attributes. Keep reading to learn.

What steps should you follow to increase breasts or feminine attributes?

enhance breasts or feminine attributes with Adobe PhotoShop

You must first open the Adobe Photoshop program on your computer. It is best to have the most up-to-date version, you can download it directly from its official website.

Next, you must open the image you want to modify with the editor, to do this press the File menu and then Open, locate the image, select it and press Open again.

You can also access it with the key combination Ctrl + O on your PC or Cmd + O to do it from a Mac.

On the left of the screen a series of tools is shown, among them you will see a thumbnail of your photo, when you drag it down and press New you will see a duplicate, this allows you to work on one while keeping the other in its original state.

Lock the second photo and click on the view icon, in this way, if you do not like the changes you have made to the first image, you will have the second to start over.

Once this is done, go to the Filters menu , press the Convert to Smart Filters option , which allows you to undo some processes in case of error.

To modify profile images, go back to the Filters menu and select the Liquify option, you will see your image in a new window with many more tools to work on the image.

On the left side choose the Brush tool, on the right side you will see the options for the Brush tool, you can reduce or increase the size of it. By pressing the mouse on the part to be modified you can increase the size subtly.

In case the change you want to make is very large, you will notice that the surrounding elements also undergo modifications, for this you must use another tool.

In the menu on the right you will see the Mask button, select it and drag the cursor over the area that should not be modified, this will block the actions in that area. Then you can work on the body without modifying the elements close to it.

More retouching in Photoshop

photo retouching with Adobe Photshop

On the other hand, if you want to work on a photo from the front or back, you can do so by selecting the Inflate button from the menu on the right. Click with the tool on the area to be enlarged until you get the result you want.

As with the Brush button, you can select the size of the tool in the menu on the left side, so you will be able to adapt it to your work.

We recommend making the changes little by little, so that the modification does not look exaggerated or unnatural and you achieve the best results in your photographs. If maybe you want to change everything you can make a photomontage with Photoshop. But anyway, you already know how to easily increase breasts or female attributes with Photoshop.

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