How to easily activate or reactivate your Uber Eats subscription

Surely, when someone asks us or we hear the word Uber, the quickest we think of is a company that facilitates transportation through a mobile application. And this way of thinking is totally correct, because since this application was launched, it was made for that purpose, first.

However, this application was created to offer only transportation and although it had a good impact on the population, its creators did not stay with that result. As the purpose of the company was to adapt to the main needs of the people, they knew that transportation is not the only one, but eating is too.

For this reason, in 2015, Uber developers launched a new application, Uber Eats , which is an application that makes it easy to buy and deliver food. And it is not only food delivery, this application allows you to create a business account, and even add your restaurant so that people can buy food there.

In this way, Uber became the first company to offer these services, in that year where people did not even buy food from home. And to improve its services, it has provided its users with other means to make profit on their orders.

What is a subscription on Uber Eats?

This subscription in Uber is known as a courtesy pass or membership, in which Uber users obtain benefits when they make a purchase, such as discount codes . Similarly, this subscription can also be activated when using an Uber for a trip , so that you have details of the trip.

To get that pass or that subscription, you can buy it in the same Uber Eats application, and in that way pay for monthly benefits to you as a fixed user. To quickly make that purchase you need to have the application updated, and you just have to enter the menu to see your account and then select “Uber Eats Pass”.

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One of the benefits of doing this subscription is that, with only making a monthly payment of 4.99 euros, we can order food without having to pay for delivery. Of course, this option to save the shipping cost is that the account of your order is more than 10 euros, so if you consider that it is good, do it.

Uber SMS subscription

On the other hand, in Uber there is an SMS subscription, an option with which you can receive notifications from the Uber platform, to inform you of transactions or responses. You should know that this subscription cannot be completely eliminated, because you will always have to receive information from Uber support.

But, in case you want to unsubscribe in a small way, you can do so from the Uber mobile application and select the pass center to deactivate the automatic renewal. Right there, an option will appear in a new pop-up window if you want to continue with the subscription or deactivate, touch the deactivate option and that’s it.

How to activate the SMS subscription in Uber East?

If what you want is to activate the SMS subscription in Uber, and you already have the mobile application downloaded on your phone, then just access it and go to the menu. Once there, select the option “Personal information”, where all your personal data are; then look for the space where your phone number is registered.

Automatically, when you go to enter that option to update your number, a pop-up window will appear asking if you want to activate the SMS subscription to receive all notifications. Similarly, there is another option available to activate the SMS subscription, but with email in the app.

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To be able to activate it with your email, the steps are also just as simple; You must enter the menu in the personal information option as in the other step. After you have included your email as part of your information, you must activate the option to receive notifications that reach your inbox.

Once you have activated this option, you will have messages time after time that will allow you to keep abreast of all the details of your orders and your purchases. So, with this subscription you will constantly receive notifications of new updates to the application and codes that will give you discounts on purchases.

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