How to download or download eBooks from Amazon Prime in a few steps

Today people prefer to read their favorite books from the comfort of their home. In order to do this, Amazon Prime offers an incredible function to its customers, which is Amazon Kindle , where you can read any book of your choice, but many users have the question of How to download or download eBooks from Amazon Prime in a few steps?

Many of the customers do not know this feature or how to use it. In Amazon Kindle you can get any book, since it has a high variety of them. For this reason, we will teach you the easiest way to download eBooks from Amazon Prime.

How to download eBooks from Amazon Prime?

First of all, an eBook is a document adapted to be read by any user, through any device. Many of these are a clone of the printed book and anyone can convert their digital books to any format. To download the eBooks on your cell phone, the first thing you should do is install the Amazon Kindle application.

Once installed, access the menu and press the option to ‘Visit the store’, when doing so, look for the book you want, when selecting it, enter it and press the button that says ‘Buy’. When doing so, you will have to wait a while for it to download to your phone, when it has already downloaded, look for it in the library.

To be able to download it on your PC, this time download Amazon Kindle but the version for computer, enter the store through the option that appears in the upper right part of the computer, look for the option that says ‘Offers / low prices’, in this section select the button that says ‘free eBooks’, choose the one you like the most and press ‘Buy’. To be able to read the book you just downloaded, go to the Kindle library option, in this section it will be saved. 

amazon prime download ebooks from amazon prime

Every time you access the library section, you will always find your book, which will not be deleted. This application is so useful that it even allows you to give an eBook to one of your friends or family, so that they too can enjoy the best books on the platform.

How to get free eBooks from Amazon Prime?

Previously, a way to get books for free was already mentioned, but there are also other options that you can apply. It is necessary to mention that none of these downloads are illegal or fraudulent, they are simply free options provided by this page.

To do so, go to the Amazon page from your computer, at the beginning we look at the top and press the box that says ‘All departments’, select the book option and in that press Kindle eBook.

 When you do this, a new small one will appear, look at the Kindle eBook title, since different options appear at the bottom, click on ‘Best sellers’. In the new window, you will see that the top 100 paid option appears, but next to it the ‘Top 100 free’ section will appear, which you will have to select.

 In this part we observe a large number of completely free books, from here you can copy the names of the books that are free to download on Amazon Kindle or download them directly from that page so that they appear in the library.

Tools you can use to enjoy your eBooks on Amazon Prime

When you have already obtained all the books you want to read, you can convert the text to listen to it , this will allow you to listen to all the paragraphs in Spanish. At the time of reading, underline phrases in the book that you liked, to do so, press the beginning of the line you want to shade, then move your finger to the end of the line. 

download or download ebooks from amazon prime

A small menu will appear where you have to select the option that says ‘Underlined’ and see how it will be shaded. You can also learn English when you read, since you can translate a paragraph of it.

You have to re-select the paragraph you need, in the menu click on the three points to bring up other types of options, in this press ‘Translate’, you will go with the text to the translator and once in it, you will be able to select the language you want. 

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