How to download Minecraft Earth for Android safely and free

As is the case with Minecraft, this is an open world game where you can freely create, explore and build and there are several Minecraft . It also has multiplayer game modes and achievements that make the game much more exciting and fun.

Minecraft Evolution

Minecraft was released in 2009, having a very good receptivity in its first version, it is currently available for multiple platforms. From time to time we are presented with new updates with newer features.

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Due to its resounding success, the game developers have been forced to innovate and find ideas that will please the consumers of this great video game. We were recently introduced to the Minecraft Earth version. Which left us very surprised.

With Minecraft Earth we can bring the video game to the real world, interacting with everything that surrounds us. In the best Minecraft style, building, exploring and creating.

The video game was released mainly for Android, iOS and iPadOS operating systems . It has very interesting functions and features such as multiplayer mode where we can interact in real time with our friends.

In mid-2019 before the official launch of the game, a beta version was released only for users who requested it. But currently it is already available in the official Android and iOS stores. Best of all, it’s completely free.

How to download Minecraft Earth for Android safely and free?

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It is important to note that it is only available for Android versions 6.0 or higher, so it is important to know what version of Android you have.  It is also recommended that your device be at least mid-range so that the game can work without any inconvenience, so you must also identify if your cell phone is low, medium or high range .

In this way, for previous versions it will be practically impossible to download it. If you have a compatible device, in this article we will show you how to download Minecraft Earth for Android completely free.

Steps to download Minecraft Earth on Android

The first thing we must do to download this great game is to enter the Android store called Play Store. Once inside we go to the top of the screen where the search bar is and we write Minecraft Earth.

We will get a list and we must specifically select Minecraft Earth. Here we will enter the characteristics of the game. We can see all the information regarding it as well as images and videos about the game.

Finally, we click on Download and grant the permissions. In this way the game will begin to download automatically, we must be patient. Once downloaded, it will be installed, we can open it and enjoy this fabulous version of Minecraft.

How to get the Beta version of Minecraft Earth for Android?

In the case of not being able to download the game with the previous method, we bring another method with which we can obtain a trial version for the great game Minecraft Earth. To do this, we must follow the steps indicated below:

To qualify for the Minecraft Earth Beta version it is necessary to have a Microsoft account. With the above clear, the first step we must do is access our trusted browser.

In the search bar we access the official Minecraft site, while on the site we go to the Games section and select the Minecraft Earth option . Then it will ask us to sign in with our Microsoft account.

We log in with our email and password, we are redirected to the Minecraft page and we will be asked to fill out a small survey, where we must answer it with complete veracity. Once done, we will send, we must wait until they contact us to access the game.

In this way we have obtained the game Minecraft Earth for Android in a fast and easy way, best of all completely free.

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