How to download and install fonts for Word in Windows 10

The typefaces or typefaces are the designs or fonts that you can use in a system. For example, Microsoft Word provides a large number of fonts that you can use to create your documents. But if this collection of fonts doesn’t suit your needs, you can also download Word fonts from the web. Next in this post we will see how you can do it.

Download fonts for Word

Word can access all fonts installed on a Windows 10 system. This means that if you want to install fonts for Microsoft Word, you just have to install them on the system and Microsoft Word will be able to detect them automatically.

First, find the font you want to download. There are tons of free fonts, and other paid fonts that you can use too if you allow yourself to pay. Fonts are downloaded as TTF or OTF files. In the case of Windows 10, you should try to get a TTF file if possible. Some fonts are available in both formats, but many are not.

In this guide we will use the dafont. font  , which is available in TTF and OTF formats. Download it and unzip the downloaded file. Then, right-click on the TTF file and select Install from the context menu. You will need administrator rights to install the font.

Once you’ve installed the font, open Word. On the Home tab , open the font drop-down menu and find the name of the font you installed. In this case, we are looking for the Deadhead Script.

Select it and start typing. The letters you are writing will be displayed in the chosen font.

People often use different sources for resumes or reports. While fonts other than Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial can make your document stand out, keep in mind that whoever you send the document to may not see the font used, unless you include fonts with the document., or convert it to PDF before sharing.

To include the font, you need to  embed it in the file (I’ll show you how to do it below). By including a typeface in your document, the file will be slightly larger than normal, compared to using one of the default fonts.

The fonts that you install in Windows 10 will be available to all other Microsoft Office applications, including Excel and PowerPoint. If you want to remove the font, you will have to uninstall it from the system.

How to embed fonts in a Word document

Just as I warned you above, if you use a non-default font in your document, the person you share it with may not have it, and may not see the document as you see it. In this case you will have to embed the font in the document (or share it in PDF, if it works for you).

Embedding a font in the file will make it larger. If it is a single typeface, it will not be a problem. But if there are several fonts used and what you plan to add, your file will be much larger than normal.

Now let’s see how you can add or embed a typeface in your Word document.

Open the document on the system where you have the font installed, and go to File > Options.

In the Word Options window that opens, select the Save tab , scroll to the Keep faithful when sharing this document section, and check the Embed fonts in file option .

In this way, when you save the document, the fonts used in it will be automatically embedded for use on another computer that does not have them.

To prevent the file from getting too large, you can use the other two dependent options. For example, you should check the Do not embed common system fonts option by default .

By checking the other option, Embed only the characters used in the document, you can save a little more file size.

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