How to download and install CorelDraw Graphics latest version in Spanish?

CorelDRAW is one of the best graphic design programs in the world, literally hundreds of people (not just designers) download this application, to start creating art. With this in mind, today you will learn how to download and install CorelDRAW Graphics latest version in Spanish.

And, this is an application that anyone should pay money for, since it is worth each and every one of the tickets that are spent on it. Not only because of its new tools and functions (that allow you to do things like create or design a web page ), but also because of its optimized interface and its constant updates that do not let it become obsolete.

Download and install CorelDRAWw Graphics latest version in Spanish

The first things you have to know before learning how to download and install CorelDRAWGraphics latest version in Spanish are: the price and the specifications.

The price of a single payment is currently 719 euros, so if you want to get the full license for life that is what you have to pay. In case you want to pay the subscription, you will have to pay 349 euros per month.

It does not matter which of the two methods you pay for it, you will still enjoy all the exit functions and subsequent updates. If the price has convinced you and you want to buy this great program, then the specifications that your computer must have are the following:

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Have a Windows 10, 8.1 or 7 operating system, with the most recent versions of its updates, an Intel Core I3 card or higher, 4GB of RAM and hard disk space, 1280×720 screen resolution (96 dpi), screen multi-touch or mouse, Microsoft .net framework 4.7.2 and Internet Explorer 11.

When verifying that you comply with all this, all you have to do is go to the official CorelDRAW page and select the “Products ” drop-down , then the “Graphic Design ” option and finally choose the version you want to download (in this case the 2020).

This will take you to another window where you can see all the content that the package brings, among other things. To proceed with the purchase click on the “Buy now” button. Once that is done, you just have to fill in the information they ask you to be able to pay for the product and then confirm to start the download.

Installation and content within the product

With the above you saw, you should have already understood the first part of the question How to download and install CorelDRAW Graphics latest version in Spanish? , now you just have to proceed to install.

This has no science, since it will be installed like any other application or game, you just have to follow the instructions that will appear in a dialog box, accept the user terms, set the language to Spanish, and accept again to start the installation .

It should be noted that in order to install and authenticate the product, you must have an active internet connection, otherwise the process will not be carried out.

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Once you have done everything, you will be the owner of CorelDRAW, you will be able to open it and enjoy the tools and functions it has, which are roughly:

The inclusion of the programs: CorelDRAW 2020 – Vector Illustration and Page Layout, Corel PHOTO-PAINT ™ 2020, Corel Font Manager ™ 2020, PowerTRACE ™, ™, CAPTURE ™ and AfterShot ™ 3 HDR.

Plus content like: 7,000 integrated vehicle wrap images, 1,000 high-resolution photos, 150 professional templates, 1,000 fonts, and over 600 vector, gradient, and bitmap fills.

Also new tools and effects such as: smart selection mask, JPEG distortion removal, dialog box UI, bitmap effect lens, among many others. Which together with the old ones allow you to vectorize a bitmap image , put or apply a shadow to objects , add a watermark to photos or images , among many other things.

With everything you’ve seen, you’ve already solved the question . How to download and install CorelDRAW Graphics latest version in Spanish? , and you learned everything you need to decide whether to buy it or not (you should).

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