How to Create an Animated GIF with Images Using Corel Photo Paint – Very Easy

Discover how to create an animated Gif with images using Corel Photo Paint and take advantage of its resources. This program has a wide range of tools and powerful professional design tasks, such as creating texts with 3D effects . Nothing to envy to the famous Photoshop.

But it also has its funny side. The creation of animated GIFs, with images made by you or taken from the Internet. Here we will explain how to create them, so that you continue to get the most out of this program. However, if you do not have this program, you can also create animated gifs with Power Point . Now let’s see a brief review about the usefulness of animated GIFs.

Animated GIFs

GIF is short for Graphics Interchange Format; In this format you can create an animated file from a series of images, when playing them quickly, it produces the animation for a period of a few seconds, without sound and it repeats in a cycle.

Gif files can be easily downloaded from a page in google, emails, social networks and of course by WhatsApp, with the well-known emoticons.

It is true that there are ways to create animated videos quickly , but the GIF has its advantages. Its reproduction is immediate, because the images are so light that there is even no problem to see them on the cell phone.

They can be played within email, the GIF format adds a creative touch to a still image. Taking into account all these benefits, then let’s start creating animated Gif with images in Corel.

corel photo paint image

Activate the film window in corel photo paint

  • Run the Corel Photo Paint program. You can do it in 3 ways :
  1. In the work area you will see a menu bar on the right side with 4 tabs, at the bottom touch the cross-shaped icon “+” (to add windows), a large bar will appear, you scroll down and select movie.
  2. In the top menu bar, you click Window , then Dockers, and then Movies .
  3. The easier…. Combine the Ctrl + F11 keys .

Create animated gif with images

  • To activate the movie toolbar, go to window , toolbar and select movie .
  • To create the GIF document, go to the top menu and tap file , tap new . The “create new image” window appears to make settings.
  • In number of frames you put 2 and press accept . If you enter 1, the program takes it as an image and not as a video clip with an .avi extension .
  • You will see that a blank frame was generated (which you can later delete).
  • To include the photos with which you will make the animation, you go to the lower part of the movie window and you will get 2 buttons, click “insert file” (positioning the mouse in front of the icon will show you the name).
  • A box is reflected where you will look for the folder with the images you want to insert, select them all and give it to accept .
  • A small window asks you to choose if you prefer before or after blank frame and then accept .
  • If you notice that the images were placed out of order, you can sort them using the mouse.
  • You will see a column with a figure followed by ms, you can change the speed by modifying the numbering.

Play the animated gif with images

  • Above the movie frame are the buttons to play, pause and fast-forward the video. By hitting “play” you will notice the preview of the clip.
  • Save your work. When the dialog box exits, enter the name of the file and make sure that the extension is: gif – animated gif. And you select accept.
  • You will see a box called “GIF animation options “, if you agree with the changes click on accept .

configuring the animated gif images

Although the explanation may seem a bit long, in reality with practice you will notice that it is very easy to create animated GIFs with images in Corel. With this information we lay down basic knowledge that will help you develop as an expert in this area. We hope you can share your experience or leave us your comment below.

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