How to create a metallic effect on objects using bevel and emboss with Corel Photo Paint

Image modification through programs is a very broad field of work. It allows changing any visual at the editor’s convenience, among which there is the use of the Bevel and Emboss tools to create a metallic effect.

These tools can be applied to designs, objects and texts that are represented in a second dimension in order to increase their relief and color.

Although it is not a widely used method for people, the combination of both effects offers an interesting and professional result to the object or text that is applied.

So read on to discover the different ways Corel Photo Paint lets you insert a metallic effect to an object in your image.

Perhaps before proceeding with the metallic effect, I called your attention to previously change the shape of the image, fill settings and environment.

How to select the object to apply the Bevel and Emboss tool to create a metallic effect?

In the following instructions begin editing the object. The work is done against the background of a solid color image. Although you can also play with the range of colors and textures that Corel Photo Paint offers.

Therefore, once the image that will be used as the background for the object is open, access “Brush Tools ” to choose something from another image or generate a silhouette.

Before setting and marking the brush. Open a new blank layer where you will capture the selected shape with the background that you have opened.

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Once done, you just have to click with the brush on the solid color or design background set. Then with the right click of your mouse, press the new layer that you have opened and select the option “Create mask from object “.

Following this, in the layer that contains the object’s clipping, you will again press the right mouse click and select “ Clipping by mask ”, hiding the blank layer.

Start using the bevel effect

To begin this step, you must mainly select the object that you have managed to extract with the previous steps through the brush.

So access the “Selection Tools ” to keep the design that you have extracted from the previous layers highlighted.

The first step is to establish this effect. Well, he is the one who will grant the third dimensional characteristic that is recognized in the metallic editions of the images.

Access the “3D Effects ” tab and click on the “Bevel Effect ” option to open the edit box on your computer screen.

Once there, you will see two windows: the first called “Bevel ” that allows you to modify the “Width “, “Height ” and “Smoothing ” according to the image to which you will apply the effect. As an important piece of information, you should know that the bevel effect can be configured and adapted to your preferences.

The second tab is called “Lighting” you can change the degree of “Brightness ” and “Ambience “, as well as set the “Angle “, “Direction ” and “Color ” of the same.

In case you want to add a “Texture ” to your solid background, the window also shows a drop-down menu to choose the one that best suits your taste.

Finally, press “Accept ” when you have completed the modification.

Corel Photo Paint brings you a large number of effect tools that, if you use them correctly, will give your work an original and professional touch, among the effects that we recommend you try, you have to create an image with a flat style or the transformation effect of color and silhouette.


Embossing as a tool to perfect the effect

The last step to complete the use of Bevel and Emboss to create a metallic effect on text or in this case, on an object is to add the emboss effect on the selected content.

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So you only need to access “Effects ” to select the “Emboss ” option and display the editing window.

Within this you will have the options of “Depth “, the “Level ” of the depth and the “Direction ” that you will assign.

On the other hand, you must also select the “Color of the relief ” where you can choose between the “Original color “, “Black “, “Gray ” or “Other ” color that you prefer.

Likewise, when finished, click on the “OK ” button and remove the selection from the object in order to see the metallic effect that you have acquired through editing.

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