How to Create a Free Blog Cover or Banner with Canva Online

In addition, the situation is also presented, that the blogger wants to make and shape all the components of his page.

In this sense, Canva is presented as the ideal tool for novices and experts who have set themselves the task of giving life and shape to their own banner.

With Canva software, many designers have multiple tools for brand kit or landing page graphic design .

How do I use Canva?

This is one of the first questions new users ask themselves when they set out to create a free banner in Canva or any other product.

Well, even though after knowing how it works it is very easy to use, at first it can be confusing.

To begin, you must have an account on the platform, which is done by entering its official page and locating the corresponding section on the left side.

In this way, there will be three options to continue the process, these are: “Sign up with Google “, “Sign up with Facebook ” and “Sign up with your email “.

The user can choose the modality they want, and consequently a new window will be displayed with the steps to follow to get a profile.

After entering, a side panel will be positioned on the left with the accesses to the main options. For example, to create a new item or see what you have.

canva design with colorful background


In addition, the types of images that can be generated will also be displayed on the center screen. It is best for the new beneficiary to do a little research to become familiar.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you start a new project, whatever it is, there will be another side panel with editing and creation options that should still be investigated.

How do I create a free banner in Canva?

To begin, press the button “Create a design ” in the side menu of the page. It can also be done through the main section that will be displayed in the center of the window.

If the first option is chosen, a sliding menu will open with the diversity of options of the elements that can be created.

And in this same, there will be a search bar, it is best to write in it the word “Banner for blog ” in order to choose the desired alternative.

In this way, the platform will redirect the user to the item editing section that has been selected. That is, a free banner will have been created in Canva.

Recommendations for design and use

Shaping a blog cover will depend greatly on the theme it has. In addition, the creativity and expertise of the editor will also play a role.

Still, Canva brings many free options to its beneficiaries that make the task easier, especially for new users. Leaving a fairly professional result.

For that, you must use the left side panel, where you will find the different categories of units to add.

In this way, you can create the banner from scratch, or work from a predetermined “Template “, add “Photos “, “Elements ” (these in the form of icons), “Text “, and many more.

light blue canva logo

Finally, when you have the desired result, simply locate the “Download ” button in the upper right corner to download the product.

It is worth noting that some items are exclusive to Premium accounts, even so, there are many others that can be used to create a free Canva blog banner.

Really, the limit is in the inventiveness of the creator and the handling of the tool could only improve the result more.

You can also use other pages such as Slider Revolution, with this page you can create animated banners or PicMonkey .

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