How to Convert the Drawn Curved Line to a Straight Line in 3D Studio Max – Very Easy

In the audiovisual industry, one of the best tools and preferred by graphic design users is the 3D Studio Max program. This software is used to make the work of designers, architects and engineers easier, and with quality from a computer.

With 3D Studio Max you can make a wide variety of designs, from animated characters or not, to engineering objects and video games with good graphics capacity. If you want to make a complicated drawing, this application works, or a simple object like a line, keep reading.

What is 3D Studio Max and how does it work?

One of the best developers of design programs, Autodesk, the same one that created the well-known AutoCAD and Maya programs, was in charge of generating this gift that is so appreciated by the world of graphic design, video games and animated series.

3D Studio Max, or in its abbreviated form: 3DS Max, is a software developed specifically for graphic design, but in addition to that, it has versatile tools to create drawings, images and different types of design, like no other application, with a simplicity and almost incredible ease, becoming the favorite among all.

It is also possible, as in other applications such as Canva, to redesign a project or design, with the best tools at hand, which are so easy to use that it is hard to believe.

This software has become the competition of the best design programs since its creation, becoming even better than many due to the robustness of its possibilities for any design, any calculation, which serves in all areas of knowledge that involve mathematical tools. even. 

woman using 3d studio max for straight line

Importantly, 3DS Max works for Windows and MacOS operating systems , which is another important feature to find in various design programs.

How to make or draw lines in 3D Studio Max?

Now, with this tool we can draw lines and make infinities of designs starting from them. From landscapes, through cars, to the elaboration of the limits of any drawing, it is the range of amplitude in design that the lines have in 3DS Max.

The first thing we are going to do is activate the line drawing tool, with which we can do them both vertically and horizontally, as well as in Microsoft Word.

We will start by clicking on the worksheet, and moving the mouse we will notice that the line can choose various inclination angles along its path . If we want a completely straight line, we must press the shift key or shift, and bring the direction of the trajectory according to the direction you want to establish for your design.

There is a box with a white frame that can serve as a guide to draw a straight line. With this you can also draw lines according to the shape you want to put or change from said box.

Straight lines can make many shapes between them; It is important that you also see how, by pressing the click on a secondary point of the drawn line, the direction and sense of the line can change, how many degrees of angle you want to do.

How to convert a curved drawn line to a straight line in 3D Studio Max?

To convert a curved line into a straight line in 3DS Max very easily, we just need to know that it is as simple as changing the direction of said drawn line. Nothing simpler.

If we have a figure formed with the curved line drawn, we are going to click on that figure, which can be a circle or an ellipse, and we will activate the segment selection. Next we will see how this figure is segmented in its base format. 

keyboard with keys for 3d studio max and curved or straight lines

When the figure is segmented, the next thing to do is to click anywhere in the workplace, with the right button of the mouse ; and then we select the Line option. When we say any point, we mean the previously drawn curved lines.

The selected segments, identified in red, will then go from being curved to taking a straight path after selecting this option. These steps can be applied with all the segments of the drawn curved line. It is very easy to convert, and it will surely not involve any complications.

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