How to Convert a Color Image or Photo to Black and White in Photoshop

This program is a graphics editor which originated in 1991 and was later acquired by the Adobe company.

Photoshop means “photo workshop ” which was designed for retouching photographs, but due to its great impact it became over the years the most used photo editor worldwide, so it revolutionized the photography industry. .

Likewise, this program has several versions which have climbed step in different disciplines such as: graphic design, web design, digital painting, video editing and in any activity that requires the treatment of the image, you can even create your own collage of photographs.

Photoshop is a program in which you can easily transform an image or photo by changing its color. So you can take a color image and convert it to shades of black and white.

However, if you still don’t know how to apply this tool, don’t worry. Because below we will indicate all the steps.

Discover how to convert an image to black and white with Photoshop

Photoshop screen, woman red lips

Initially, you must open the Photoshop program which is installed on the computer. Once this step is done you can search for the image or photo which must be in JPG format, it can be any image even if the download is from the internet.

Then you must click on “file ” found in the upper right menu. Then the “open” option must be selected. It will open a window where you must search for the image in the location you have saved.

When selecting the image you must click so that it is displayed in the lower bar which says name and then click on “open “.

This step will allow the image to be loaded and displayed in the Photoshop program, so to be able to work on the image with the program’s tools, you have to go to the menu on the right side of the program window.

Being in the layers section you will find a layer which contains a padlock, then you have to double click on the padlock to be able to remove the security and click “ok”.

Once this step is completed, you have to go to the top menu of the program where you will find the file, editing, image, layer, text, selection menus, among other options.

So in this case you must select where it says “image ” and when the menu is displayed you have to select “settings “. Also this option will display another menu where you have to search for “black and white “, you just have to click on that section.

Black and white adjustments in Photoshop

Photoshop logo

After clicking, you will automatically see that the image changes its values ​​to black and white. There is also a panel with various functions that can be applied to the image from the same black and white panel.

In the first option of presets you can see that it is in the “default ” option . So you can click on the drop-down bar to see the different options that can be selected for the image to change its tonalities; one of the options found there is maximum black.

By selecting it, you can see how the image changes to a more intense color, so you can select the option you want and press “Ok “. It is a simple process that can be done correctly if you follow the steps in the order explained.

It should be noted that the process has not yet finished, since the image must be saved in a “JPG” format. So it must be located again in the upper menu where it says “file”, click and in the drop-down menu you have to select “save as”.

Later, you can name the file and click on the format option to find the JPG option in the available options. Then save is selected and then ok, finally you will be able to appreciate the image or photo that was originally black and white color.

Finally, it should be added that through Photoshop you can make different modifications to images such as removing red eyes from photographs . To the extreme of leaving a normal photo in a work of art.

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