How to connect and set up Amazon Alexa on a Sonos speaker from the iPhone

Today it is possible to carry out a number of activities quickly and easily, thanks to technological advances in different areas. Whether we are in the comfort of home, on the street, at school or even at work.

For example, interesting tools that are very useful in the workplace have been designed, such as Studio 3D Max for design. Microsoft Excel for office work, Didi driver for various transport services, among others really useful.

But without a doubt where the impact of technological innovations is even more noticeable , is in communication and entertainment. In these, the technological advances do not stop and the amount of communication and entertainment options that exist is impressive. For example, applications have been created for almost all the tasks that we need to perform, for any operating system you have.

What can we say about entertainment, today it is possible to enjoy any recreational activity from the comfort of home. We can watch movies stored on the computer, or transmit the content of our Smartphone to a Smart TV. You can navigate more safely and quickly on the Internet and even accelerate the speed of our Wi-Fi.

There is an impressive amount of state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to communicate and entertain ourselves like the iPhone Smartphone. We also have multi-room speakers, such as Sono and even the Alexa virtual assistant with many functions inside and outside the home. We would like to tell you about these interesting devices and the Alexa assistant so that you can get the most out of them.

Key Features and Functions of iPhone, Sono and Alexa

As many of the smartphones of the Apple company already know, iPhones are high-end smart mobile phones. These are recognized worldwide for their high security of personal data and also for their countless functions. Its iOS operating system is compatible with many applications, including the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant.

alexa smart speaker connected with sonos

Alexa is a very interesting virtual assistant created by Amazon that can recognize a large number of voice commands. Which in turn allows us to perform many functions with your help inside and outside the home. But let us tell you a little more about this new assistant, so you can get the most out of its many functions.

To control Alexa you must start by mentioning its name, which by the way is inspired by the ancient library of Alexandria. At first Alexa could only sync with smart devices designed by Amazon, but then they decided to open their SDK.

This allowed other developers to work with Alexa, reaching millions of homes on different devices. Thanks to its compatibility with hundreds of devices, today we can have this virtual assistant performing different functions at home . 

Among these compatible devices we can mention the Sonos multi-room speakers, such as the Sonos Beam and the Sonos One. Thanks to how easy it is to configure the sonos speakers , we can activate and synchronize one or more speakers. These allow us to play our favorite music in many ways, from our PC or Smartphone, Streaming and even control the TV.

It is not impressive how many activities we can do, with these technological innovations that we have mentioned so far. Now let’s imagine that we can use our iPhone with the Alexa assistant to play our music on a Sonos speaker. Well, you do not have to imagine it, we will teach you how to do it in a few steps quickly and easily.

How to have the iPhone, Alexa and Sonos at the same time?

The first thing you should do is download the Alexa and Sonos App and install them on your iPhone. Now link your Alexa application with an Amazon account, then you will link the sonos application to your speakers.

sonos app with alexa voice assistant

Now open your sonos application, select where it says voice services, choose the Amazon Alexa option. Go to see Alexa settings, follow the instructions to create the link with the Alexa assistant.

At this point you will see it necessary to download the sonos Skill in Alexa, now in verifying music services. Choose between Amazon Prime Music or Spotify, now you will see that you can control your Sonos speakers with Alexa from your iPhone.

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