How to add watermarks to a Microsoft Word document

A watermark is a faded background image that appears behind text in a document. You can use them to indicate its status (eg: draft, do not copy, confidential, etc.). Also to add a company logo or even to give it some artistic flair. Here we will try to see the different ways of how to put a watermark in Word.

In this post I will show you how to add and modify watermarks in your Microsoft Word documents. We will see the different ways you can use and customize them to your liking or needs.

How to put a watermark in Word

Insert a default watermark

In an open document, go to the Page Layout tab . In the Page Background group , click the Watermark button .

Within the drop-down menu, click on any of the built-in watermarks to insert it into your document. Or you can customize it as I will show in the next section.

Microsoft Word places the watermark behind the text.

Insert a custom watermark

You can also create custom watermarks using text or images. To do so, select Custom Watermarks from the drop-down menu, as shown in the image above.

Use custom text watermarks

In the Printed Watermark window that opens, select the Text Watermark option . Type the text you want to use in the Text box, and then set the language, font, size, color, and orientation options the way you want. Click OK when you’re done.

Word will insert your custom text watermark behind the text.

Use custom watermarks with image

If you want to use an image as a watermark, select the Image Watermark option and then click the Select Image button .

You will need to find and use an image file from your computer. Select an image and then click the Insert button .

Back in the Printed Watermark window, you have a couple of options to adjust how your image appears. The Scaling option is set to automatic by default, but you can change the size of the image if you want. The Fade option inserts the image with pale colors as most watermarks appear. You can disable this option so that the image is presented in all its glory. Click OK when you’ve set everything up the way you want.

Word will insert the image behind the text in your document.

How to move or resize a watermark

To move a watermark after inserting it, you’ll need to open the Header / Footer area of ??the document. Do this by double-clicking anywhere in the header or footer area.

In this way the watermark becomes editable, regardless of whether it is text or image. You can drag the image to move it, or move any of its points to change its size. It is similar to how you would any other image.

Since the same watermark appears on all pages, resizing or moving it means that the changes will be applied to the rest of the pages.

How to remove a watermark

There are two ways to remove a watermark. The first is to open the Header / Footer area, so that you can access the image as in the previous section, select the image, and press the Delete key .

You can also go to the Page Layout tab , click the Watermark button , and then select the Remove Watermark option .

And just like moving or resizing it, removing a watermark removes it from every page of the document.

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