How to activate my Pass Carrefour card? – Get your Pin in My Carrefour Pass

If you have not yet managed to activate your Pass card, then you are quite behind, because not only is it super simple as you will learn below, but it is also very necessary to do so, so that in addition to the benefits of the club (such as generating and viewing my savings check ) add the benefits of the revolutionary Pass.

How to activate my Pass Carrefour card?

Now, to get straight to the point and to be able to activate my Pass Carrefour card quickly, you must first have applied for said card, and you must already have it in your hands, since there are numbers that come on it that are necessary. To request it, you just have to go to a Carrefour hypermarket and ask customer service to give you a form to get your Pass card (you can also do it on the Carrefour official website ).

When you already have it, then you must proceed to the activation, this can be achieved in two ways, by the PC or in the mobile application. In the case of the PC, all you have to do is go to Carrefour’s “ Client Zone ”.

official pass card

Once you are in it, you have to enter by placing either your DNI or your NIE, in addition to the access code that you have configured. Next, you simply have to enter the numeric code found behind your Pass card (at the bottom) and voila, it will be activated forever.

Activate the card from the mobile app

The process to activate the card from the application is very similar to that of pc, to achieve this you must first download the application from the PlayStore and install it. When you have it, you have to log in with your account information. Once you have entered, you must place the code of numbers in the corresponding line (which will appear right there).

With that the card will be fully activated. It should be noted that an easier way to carry out this process is to make the first purchase in a physical Carrefour store, this action will activate the card immediately. Also as a curious fact, when you enter your number in the client area or the app, the card PIN will be shown for 5 seconds, so if you have forgotten it or it never arrived, it is better that you write it down (be careful that no one is watching you as you perform this process).

Advantages of the Pass card

Now that you know how to activate my Pass Carrefour card, it’s time for you to know why it should be activated or ordered in the first place. The benefits that this brings are numerous, including those of the Carrefour club itself, such as saving up to 1% on each purchase or knowing which Carrefour or Carrefour Express supermarket is nearby.

your own pass card

But in addition to these, there are also other benefits of the Pass card, for example, there is the fact that you will be allowed to choose how to pay at any location, whether in cash or on credit. In turn, you will receive free financing on all products, which will allow you to pay at the end of the month even if you make purchases in a fortnight.

You will also be given access to your card and its balance from the Carrefour app itself, and you can make calls to have your food delivered to your home ( you are even allowed to see the status of your order ). And voila, with that you read it should have been more than clear how to activate my Pass Carrefour card, now all you have to do is go to the corresponding page and activate this wonderful card.

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