How can I subscribe or contract Netflix in Chile with or without a credit card

The advancement of technology has allowed that in recent years applications have been created for all kinds of activities that people can perform on a daily basis. For example, if we refer to YouTube, it is a platform that shares videos in a streaming way, and the videos that you can find are endless.

However, YouTube, although it is one of the most famous applications around the world, is not the only one that has gained popularity in recent years. When we speak like this it is because we want to refer to another streaming video platform such as the Netflix platform , the famous application to watch movies and series that you like the most.

What is Netflix and how to use it and take advantage of it in the best way?

Specifically, Netflix is ​​an application that provides the service to different users of being able to watch a good number of programs, including series, movies, among others. This is a platform created in 1997, but the service they provide now did not appear until 2007, and thus it was reaching various countries outside the United States.

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The procedure to start using it is completely simple, as in any other application, it begins by creating an account and a subscription on the platform. Although this is an application that can be downloaded for free from the application store, to use it it is necessary to make a monthly payment according to your country.

So, once you have entered your information to create the account, the platform will give you the opportunity to enjoy the services for a month completely free. But, of course, before you can start enjoying that, you have to provide the platform with a form of payment with a card number.

After you have done that, you can automatically start choosing the movies, documentaries and series that you like the most and choose between quantities within a catalog. Now, speaking respectively of the payment that must be made monthly to continue enjoying their services, we will explain several details.

Ways to pay your Netflix account

Once you register on Netflix, you will have several forms of payment available to you, such as a rut account ; We will explain the easiest forms of payment you have. Generally, the easiest form of payment for people is to register a credit card, or failing that, make payments with a registered Paypal account, where you can even pay without the need for a credit card or bank account.

Also, you can make your payments with Netflix gift cards ; These cards are easy to find in markets or any technology store. By just making the payment according to the store, you just have to enter Netflix, select the billing option and copy the code that these cards bring from behind.

However, in this article the intention is to explain how you can do to subscribe to Netflix if you do not have a credit card from a bank.

How to use Netflix and subscribe if you don’t have a credit card to cancel?

You should know that this is not an impediment to take advantage of the service that the Netflix platform can provide you, so there is a way to cancel. The idea of ​​this recommendation is that you do not end up looking for and paying second-hand accounts, which are obtained with people you do not know and can scam you.

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So, if your case is that you are in Chile, you can request a virtual credit card, completely legal and at no cost, from BANCO BCI. So, you only have to download the MACH application on your device to be able to activate this new option of the virtual card that the BCI has provided for its users.

Similarly, just by downloading the MACH application and entering your personal data, you can start using your virtual digital account and be given a virtual card. Only with that, you must enter the Netflix platform and copy the data that are in the “Visa” option on the MACH platform and write the ones they ask for.

In Netflix you must be in the credit card option and enter the data, such as your name, your last name and the number or expiration date. By following these simple steps, you can have a Netflix account available to watch all your favorite series and movies.

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