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Although Uber is an application that has proven its worth in the current market, it is not safe for a user to have bad experiences with a driver, to the point of needing to report the incident to Uber directly.

If such is your case, and you need to report a driver, here we will explain what you need to do so that your case does not go unpunished. See below.

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Reporting an Uber Driver: The Process

It is likely that during your trip you felt uncomfortable, the driver was reckless behind the wheel or was rude. There are many aspects that can be totally unforgivable within the Uber Community Guides.

In case you think that the driver has broken with any of them, we will show you below how you should report a driver easily and simply, so that what you experienced with the driver is not left without supervision by their employers.

All this process can be done from the same Uber application, so just open it and follow the following step by step:

  • Once inside the Uber application, enter the application menu. Here, enter the section of Your trips.
  • Then, you will have to select the specific trip with the specific driver you want to report.
  • Here you will enter the Help section , where you can see among several options one that says Comments about the driver. It will be in this where you enter.
  • Then you will see a box where you will be asked to describe the experience you have had with the driver during the trip. We recommend that you be as detailed as possible about it, so that everything that happened during the trip is recorded and that the Uber team can react appropriately. Be honest and descriptive.
  • When you’re done, all you have to do is hit the Submit button.

Remember that all the cases that are reported are carefully analyzed by the Uber team, which will seek to take the appropriate measures with the driver. And depending on the conclusion reached by the support team after you contact them , the driver’s account could be deleted.

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Safety measures with Uber’s driving partners

Before reporting an Uber driver , you probably want to know a little about how Uber drivers are chosen and what the Community Guide is. The latter is a series of guidelines where the terms and conditions of the user are contemplated, as well as the behaviors that the client and the driver must show.

Both must be polite and punctual, but when it comes to the driver, he cannot be reckless behind the wheel, rude or be some kind of threat to the user.

So that this does not happen, drivers are chosen with care and are periodically verified through different evaluations by their supervisors. Also, drivers have a rating that is given by users, which will give you an idea of ​​what it is like to travel with one of these drivers.

However, if you have a bad experience, you should always rate the driver with a low rating and make the proper report of the experience. Never be silent in the face of bad experiences, as Uber takes these incidents very seriously.

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