How can I join a Zoom meeting from my cell phone?

While, the audio conferencing, are designed for those who do not have a smartphone, cannot connect to an internet network, and even for when you are on the street.

For the second modality, a specialized service is presented, available for certain countries with a variety of plans. So that you can participate in Zoom from your cell phone.

Participating in a Zoom audio conference from your cell phone

For this, it will be necessary for the host of the meeting to provide us with the ID number of the meeting . Without this, you cannot proceed.

The next step is to dial on the phone or cell, the specific number to use the service in the country. These are provided by Zoom itself, when acquiring the service or through its official website.

Next, you must enter the ID of the meeting that we have already mentioned, this will have about 9 or 10 digits and will be followed by the pound key or “# “.

people in zoom conference

If you need to skip the next step, which consists of entering the participant ID, just press “# ” again.

And voila, in this way you will have been able to join a Zoom meeting from your cell phone or phone through the audio conferencing service.

Steps to join a Zoom meeting from cell phone by video conference

Although it is a little different according to the operating system of the equipment, iOS or Android, it will be necessary in both cases to have the application installed.

This can be done from the Store of each OS, searching for it by name. On the other hand, to join a meeting, you will not need to log in, although it is recommended.

Join a Zoom meeting from your Android phone

It begins by running the App in question, and on its main screen, the option to log in will be presented or not.

If you decide to skip this step, in the lower right part of the window, there will be a button called “ Join a Meeting ”, which must be selected.

Whereas, if you log in, on the upper belt, there will be an option called “ Join ” that you have to press.

Next, the App will redirect to another window where the meeting data, the ID and the name are entered. In addition, it is decided whether to connect with video and audio. Finally, press “Join”.

With an iOS smartphone

In the same way, the application will have to be run, worse in this one, the location of the icons and accesses is a little different.

mobile phone cartoon with zoom

In this sense, if you do not want to start a session, the “Join Meeting ” button will be positioned in the middle of the screen, colored blue.

If you are accessing with an account, the “Sign in ” mode will be in the lower right corner, in blue letters. You have to press the chosen option.

If it is the last, you must touch the top button “Join”, the second from left to right, and having a plus symbol or “+ ” as icon.

The next thing is to enter the meeting data, this is the identification number or ID and the name, in iOS you can also decide if you want to have audio and video.

At the end of these settings and in order to join the Zoom teleconference from your cell phone, click on the “Join ” button .

Due to its easy handling and the little security it has to accept people in conversations, Zoom has many security problems.

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