How and where to send, send or deliver a curriculum vitae to Mercadona to get a job or employment – Entering to work at Mercadona

How and where to submit a curriculum vitae to Mercadona to get a job?

Every day job seekers have more ease and accessibility to send or deliver their resumes, where their search time is summarized. Each company in particular provides information on what they require in their job offers, working conditions and other requirements, which help to prepare the curriculum.

You must pay special attention to this, so that you avoid setbacks and the return of the same, Mercadona offers an opportunity through its means of reception. The selection of employees will depend a lot on how the resumes are, and the correct informational content that the cover letters contain .

Through Mercadona’s official website

It is vitally important that you know what steps Mercadona requests to take to send and receive the curriculum vitae through the web.

  • Enter
  • Select the place either Spain or Portugal.
  • When you open the page, select the Work with us tab .
  • Vacancy offers will open on the same page .


  • Jobs are displayed on the Job Search tab, as well as a specific search through the brief data overview. You can choose the province where you can or want to work, choose the position, the shift, type of contract and working hours.
  • You can create your personal information account .

By email

Through email I specified the area in which it is available to work, attach personal data and contact numbers. You can send your curriculum vitae, employment or personal references and a letter of recommendation through the email address

Personal deliveries

We could say that this is the conventional method that is always available, however, today preventive care must be taken into account. Many people do not have internet access, however, they can go to one of Mercadona’s stores and contact Human Resources .

Go to work at Mercadona

For this well-known supermarket chain, its employees are important, where everyone is in a suitable environment and of mutual commitment. Everything is carried out with a good work plan that makes corporate goals a reality and everyone’s satisfaction.

Labor rights have been established under agreements with the union, establishing the rights of workers. Therefore, on the official website there is a tab dedicated to explaining the ideal and mutually convenient working conditions.

Working conditions

In the Working Conditions tab, you can read the following information that will help you learn a little more about what Mercadona offers. Therefore, consider that job security and labor momentum will have an impact on the community, customers, and other workers and suppliers.

  1. Stable and quality employment.
  2. Benefit of salary compensation policy.
  3. Equality and diversity values.
  4. Create the possibility of job training.
  5. Worker’s Compensation Measures.
  6. Communication and participation.


If you aspire to look for a job at Mercadona, you already have a reliable guide on what to do to reach human resources. In this way, to become part of one of the most appreciated and innovative main elements of the country’s supermarket chain.

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