Have there been many complaints or reports on Amazon Flex for problems with the company?

And it is that these complaints on the part of the distributors and denunciations of organisms like the UGT (General Union of Workers of Spain) by fraud; they have increased every day.

There is also talk of the Employers’ Association of the UNO express transport sector, which brought the complaint to the Labor Inspectorate for unfair competition, by placing individuals to make deliveries without a license.

How is the routine of a delivery man for the delivery of packages?

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We are ready to start delivering the packages, for this then the blocks begin to appear notifying them by mobile; the delivery person must go to the logistics center that corresponds to him according to his area.

He picks up the packages that have been assigned to him according to the availability that the worker has previously mentioned, now he must scan them so that the certification that was collected remains and continue in his car to make his journey.

All this is confirmed with the GPS in both directions, showing the itinerary, the stops and checking that you have completed the entire route and assigned points; at the end of the deliveries it is mandatory to return to the central to leave those packages that could not be delivered.

So on until at the end of the month the hours that have been accumulated in that time are added and the payment of the earnings is made ; Today, € 13 is charged per hour and we must remember that there are blocks from 2 to 4 hours; although there are also intermediate ones whose time is half an hour.

Then, once the accounts have been drawn up, what the distributors earn in the end is very little because personal income tax, VAT, expenses for car gasoline, car insurance, for its deterioration and the tax fee must be subtracted from that gross amount. autonomous.

What are the other complaints from Amazon Flex deliverers?

In addition to the aforementioned, which causes a lot of discomfort in the workers, to this is also added the number of distributors that exist, which are many for the blocks that are released per day, for example 20 to 200; also, problems to park the car legally, or make deliveries in neighborhoods and areas of insecurity.

Another aspect that demotivates the workers are the mafias that accumulate the blocks to be reassigned again to other distributors, in exchange for keeping a percentage; For this, clicker machines are used, programmed to simulate the sliding of the finger to confirm the block.

What are the reasons why they have reported Amazon Flex?

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Among the complaints or denunciations in Amazon Flex we have the UGT for fraud, this union has denounced the company in the Labor Inspection located in Madrid because it uses the image of the false self-employed, demanding the Ministry of Labor to stop this fraud both for the workers and even against Social Security.

Another of the complaints is that of UNO, because it mentions that individuals work without a license to carry out these distributions, clashing with the Law of Land Transport Ordinance; with the highway code and with the Labor Legislation; generating profits through improper advantage, which puts in doubt whether or not the way of working is legal .

For all the aforementioned it can be concluded that the Amazon Flex company is convenient for those workers who need an extra income; Some even consider it profitable to work in the franchise because they can have more time for other activities. On the other hand, due to the complaints that have been made, it has had to accept the arguments above all to join UNO and operate within the framework of the regulations.

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