Error solution: ‘HBO has stopped’ Why is HBO deactivated?

HBO is an application in which you can enjoy your favorite series and movies. As all these applications can present problems when using them, these errors can be very annoying, since they do not allow us to observe the content, showing a message that says ‘HBO has stopped’, for this reason it is worth asking why HBO is disabled? This problem is very common among people who use this service.

Since HBO allows us to view the best content and entertain ourselves with our family and friends; It is very necessary to know how to fix this error. Next we will be informing you everything you need to know to fix this failure.

How to fix ‘HBO has stopped’ error? Why is HBO disabled?

You can use this application from tablets, game consoles, installing HBO on the Smart TV or on your cell phone. The main reason for this error is because it needs to be updated, since if we have not done it for a long time it can happen that the data gets corrupted, it can also be caused by storage problems.

One of the first solutions is to update, to do so go to Google Play Store, press your account settings, to press the section that says ‘Updates’,  look for the HBO application and press the box that says update. If when entering you see that there is no new option to update it, it will show that the error is occurring for another reason.

You can also go to the settings of your cell phone, click on applications and look for the one we need, in this section you can review all the corresponding data of the application, now enter ‘Storage’; We have to press the buttons that say ‘Delete cache’ and in ‘Clear storage’, a notice will appear where we have to press accept to finish the process. 

it deactivates me hbo has stopped

You can also enter the Google Play Store again and search for the HBO application and press the box that says ‘Uninstall’ to later reinstall it. When carrying out these processes, it is best to restart your cell phone.

Other ways to fix the HBO bug

It is clear that this problem can be presented by various errors, so it is necessary to know all the possible solutions. It should be noted that you must successfully log into HBO  from any device.

As soon as you see that error appear, you can solve it by restarting your router, turn it off for a few minutes and after a while turn it on again. It is also possible that your wireless router is in a bad position causing its signals to be blocked, try to move it to a better and larger place in the house.

This problem can also be caused by a common failure of the application, if so, it is best to close it and wait a few hours for it to be fixed again. If you wish, you can contact technical support, sending them an email, which appears in the application, they will respond quickly.

Also check your internet connection, since it can be very inefficient causing the application to not load correctly, a solution for this is to activate and after a while to deactivate airplane mode again, because this method allows them to be solved connection problems.

It also verifies how much data or megabytes HBO consumes , since it may happen that you do not have the necessary megabytes for the app to develop correctly.

How to prevent this error from appearing on HBO?

The best thing you can do is delete the history after using the application, this will help you a lot with space and avoid errors. On the other hand, try not to close the session every time you exit the app, if you know that after a while you will enter it again, it is best to leave the session started. 

hbo has stopped error solution

Check your internet connection before accessing, this is done to prevent any type of error or failure to load it. If you see this error on your cell phone, try to enter through another device to verify it.

Try to always check the application and its updates, it is possible that this application provides different updates each month, that is why it is best to be aware.

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