Do not accidentally en powerpoint presentation with thanes tips

When we work on our PC with different types of documents or projects, there is nothing worse than, by accident, losing what we have half. This is something that is extended to all the programs that we use in Windows, for example, including PowerPoint.

And it is that if we are developing a text, editing an image, or carrying out any type of treatment from the PC, losing those documents can be a serious problem. From this we cannot subtract the displeasure that we can take if necessary, so it is best to take certain measures.

Never lose your multimedia presentations

Therefore, along these lines we are going to focus on a powerful program that is part of Microsoft’s office suite, Office. Specifically, we refer to the program that focuses on offering us everything we need to design our multimedia presentations. Thus, among the many menus in this application, those from Redmond try to put at our disposal everything that we are going to need for this type of design project. So we will see that we have PowerPoint objects, functions and effects to do the job better.

But of course, depending on the knowledge we have, as well as the patience or desire to do a good job, these presentations can be more or less complex. To say that being valid for both professional and domestic environments, some of these presentations can be highly complex and complete.

Precisely for all this we are going to tell you the most effective way to never lose a project of this type in which we are working. The first thing we must do externally to the program itself is to make periodic backup copies of the file in which we work. This is something that is essential in the event that we are going to be working on it for several days. In addition, these copies should be carried out on external storage units, such as a USB memory.

Set up PowerPoint autosave

At the same time, in PowerPoint itself , we can make certain adjustments that will be very helpful in these topics that we are commenting on. For example, we can customize the document autosave function. In this way, in the event that the power goes out, or the PC turns off or crashes, for whatever reason, we will have a backup copy.

For this that we comment, we go to the File menu of the Microsoft program and select Options. A new configuration window appears where, in the left panel, we select Save. Here we can reduce the time to Save AutoRecover information every, for example, one minute.

In the same way, we also recommend, in this same window, to customize the folder where these files are going to be saved automatically. In this way, it may be advisable to select a folder on another drive than the main one, to avoid annoyances in the event of a serious problem in Windows or on the PC.

And is that when we work intensively with a computer, we never know if a serious Windows error is coming, or a hardware failure, for example. In this way and with these simple steps, we will never lose our PowerPoint jobs again.

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