Best currency or currency converter applications to convert Dollars to Euros?

Many people need to do currency conversions constantly and there is no easier way to access a converter from your mobile device.

In this way, you can have a tool on hand that allows you to convert from dollars to euros, as well as any other currency, whenever you need to. Either because you are going to travel abroad, because you want to work with foreign currencies or because the UBER simply charges you in dollars .

For this reason, we will show you which are the best currency or currency converter applications to convert Dollars to Euros, regardless of whether you have an Android or iPhone device. Also, as an extra in case you do not want to install applications, we will show you the web pages where you can make these conversions.

Best currency or currency converter apps on Android to convert dollars to euros

Having an application on hand that allows you to know the value of the exchange between two currencies is extremely important, especially if you want to travel abroad or carry out a transaction with a currency other than the Euro.

Therefore, we will show you three applications for your Android device that will allow you to make the currency exchange to convert dollars to Euros in a simple way.

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  • XE Currency : This currency converter is one of the most popular and downloaded from the Google Play Store. On this server, you can convert from Euros to Dollars and vice versa, as well as any other currency.
  • OANDA : this application offers one of the most complete services in the currency exchange market. Well, in addition to allowing this conversion, it also offers customer service and various solutions for companies.
  • Currency Converter : This application is a simple calculator designed for those who need to know the conversion value of different currencies.

In this way, any of these applications that you decide to use will allow you to carry out the conversion of currencies or currencies, including the conversion of Dollars to Euros. Remember that it is worth updating the Google Play store to ensure that you will find these applications.

Best currency or currency converter applications on iPhone to convert dollars to euros

Having a way to convert currencies and currencies on hand is essential for those who frequently need to make these types of changes. For this reason, there is no easier way at your disposal than to carry out these conversions from applications on your mobile device .

Therefore, we will show you three applications that you can download from the Apple App Store in any version of the iOS operating system .

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  • Currency : this is one of the applications to make changes of currencies and currencies quickly and easily, which also includes the conversion from Euro to Dollar and vice versa. In addition, this application also allows you to make changes in cryptocurrencies.
  • Currency Converter : Currencies: this application not only allows you to make a conversion between more than 160 different types of currencies, but it also offers you access to a graph that shows the relationship of the value between the different currencies.
  • My Currency : This application includes currency charts and the ability to convert more than two types of currencies at the same time. In addition, it includes a very easy-to-use calculator, so you can convert without leaving the application.

Best currency or currency converter websites to convert Dollars to Euros

In case you have not been convinced by trying any of the applications that we recommend to convert currencies or currencies to others, do not worry. We suggest some web pages that you can consult to make these conversions.

  • OANDA : this platform, in addition to offering an application for mobile devices, also allows you to access its services from its official website, it is also regulated throughout the world. In it you can convert Dollars to Euros without any inconvenience.
  • Global Exchange : this platform not only offers a web service, but also personalized attention via telephone. In addition to offering a currency and currency conversion service to calculate its value, you can go to one of the offices it has, and change the currency directly.

In this way, you can easily convert currencies or currencies of any kind on your own, from the comfort of your home or at your workplace.

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