Being a DiDi driver in Chile – Requirements and frequent doubts – Simple guide

The requirements to belong to the DiDi transport service in Chile are perhaps one of the most sought-after today and especially for those who own some type of vehicle and are unemployed.

Transportation services have been very useful for millions of people, taxi services such as ‘Uber’ have provided users with a fast and comfortable way to reach their destinations.

In recent years, different alternatives to ‘Uber’ have emerged, such as: ‘DiDi’ which, in addition to offering transfer services to pedestrians, also offers ‘Delivery’ services or home deliveries.
job requirements at didi for driver in chile

How much does the DiDi app charge drivers?

Generally, as a way to attract more drivers to register for the DiDi application, only a 20% commissionable value is charged on the trip they make, this represents an 80% personal gain for all drivers .

How much can I earn weekly working on DiDi?

Managing a normal work schedule from Monday to Sunday with 8 hours of work a day, this could translate into 60 hours a week and for this effort, you could earn up to $ 728586.18 Chilean pesos per month. However, it is not a fixed fee, it can vary according to the time you spend working on DiDi.

Do I need special insurance to be a driving partner?

If, in fact, among the requirements that DiDi requests for a Driver and Non-Driver Member, is that you have a valid Auto insurance policy, in addition to that, you must have a wide coverage and with the specification of protection for transport vehicles private by platform.

What characteristics should my vehicle have?

Among the most important things that you must take into account, to be employed as a driver of a vehicle in DiDi, is that the car that you want to use must have: 4 doors, be from the year 2012 or higher, air conditioning, Airbag and brakes’ ABS ‘. If you and your vehicle meet those requirements, you can easily choose to log into DiDi.

DiDi faces many opponents of transportation services and, to other applications that are alternatives to ‘Uber’ the advantage is that it charges only 20% commission  compared to 25% commission from Uber.

Where can I register to be a driver?

The requirements to belong to the DiDi transport service in Chile seem to be many, but the reality is that they are not so many as not to want to be part of it. DiDi is a transportation service of Chinese origin very similar to ‘Uber’.

The service in question is characterized by moving pedestrians to any destination that it requests and, all this through an application for smartphones, either Android or IPhone.

To be part of DiDi, obviously as a driver, it is necessary to have certain requirements that are not very difficult to obtain, for this, you must be at least 21 years old, updated driver’s license, criminal record and a ‘Selfie’ along with the license.

requirements to be a DiDi driver

Benefits of being a DiDi shuttle driver

The requirements to belong to the DiDi transport service in Chile seem to be the same anywhere in the world. Certain benefits provide transportation services in general, but DiDi goes much further.

DiDi asks its drivers for one of the lowest commissions, with respect to other applications or taxi services, since it requests only 10% of the profits it obtains.

The service in question allows its users to be incentivized through a goal system, which encourages them to do the job in the best way, by meeting those goals DiDi grants profits or bonuses , mostly related to the amount of trips made.

These benefits make it possible to attract the largest number of drivers, as they have been increasing over the years, despite having several competitors, with extensive experience in the transport and delivery services market.

However, there are certain parameters that, although they do not benefit from financial remuneration, must be met for moral and legal reasons, such as: the types of traffic signs and security measures.didi application in chile driver requirements

Ways to make a trip or taxi service enjoyable if you are a DiDi driver

The requirements to belong to the DiDi transport service in Chile, or anywhere, belong to one of the most essential things that drivers should know. Likewise, other types of aspects should be established as a priority. 

The ability to make clients feel good is sometimes very difficult, because each one has different interests or tastes and some are really complicated, others on the contrary are very relaxed.

Regardless of the type of user or customer that you are, you must maintain a truly positive attitude. You must also be very formal and ethical, it is also advisable to always keep a smile, no bad attitudes.

If you follow all these tips, you will go very far and you can even get good references, which translates into getting a greater number of clients, and it is for these reasons that you should always provide good service.

Characteristics like these are what users are looking for, since it is very unpleasant to find poor quality services in terms of the care provided. A driver must always keep in mind that the customer is always right, even if he is not, this will allow you to go far.

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