You do not have internet? Repairs limited or null connectivity error in windows

When we sit in front of a computer on a day-to-day basis, there are many elements that come into play to make the experience as productive as possible. First of all we take into account the hardware of the PC itself, as well as the operating system, in most cases Windows. On the other hand, as most of you will have seen first-hand, it has also become something basic, an Internet connection. Also the faster while stable it is, the better the better.

These are three elements that could be considered basic so that we can get the best performance from our computer. But yes, we cannot ignore what refers to the applications we use, since we will have to know how to choose the ones that interest us the most in each case. It must be taken into account that more and more users spend a good part of the day in front of their computers. This is how the set made up of the hardware and software that we have, makes us have a PC as effective as possible as well as useful as possible.

Internet connection is key for most

But at the same time, in recent years, another element of extreme importance for most users has come into play, as we mentioned before. By this we mean the Internet connection that most of us use practically continuously, either for professional or leisure reasons. This has become even more palpable since cloud work has become completely normal. And we are not only referring to professional environments, but also to domestic ones.

Today many of us store in the cloud, work with online applications, play online, or watch movies and series via streaming. Well, not being able to have an Internet connection suddenly can become a serious problem in most cases. This is something that will happen to us if we suddenly find ourselves with a limited or no connectivity error in Windows. Say that in principle we have several ways to check if the Internet connection works well.

But not all the work, neither when we talk about the PC, nor when we refer to our connection. Because in addition to working in the cloud, we cannot leave aside our online games with players from all over the world. In the same way, here we cannot fail to point out the streaming video and music on platforms such as Netflix or Spotify.

If necessary, together with any other problem on the Internet, it cuts us off many access routes to our daily work with the PC, which is a significant inconvenience. The same happens if we are playing an online game or watching a movie on Netflix, and the connection fails every so often, it is something that can make us very angry. Therefore, in the event that you come across this bug, we are going to give you some tips to solve it.

Basic measures for limited or no connectivity error

To begin with, this is something that can occur in our team at any time, without waiting for it, hence its danger. In addition, the factors that come into play here are many, both our own and those of third parties, so we are going to try to help you solve this problem. But it is at the same time it is something that can be given more frequently when we make some important change in the configuration of the operating system, update it, or modify the drivers.

Thus, below we will show you a series of steps that we recommend you take to solve these possible problems with the Internet connection. These insurance will help to a great extent to avoid the dreaded cuts, whether temporary or permanent, that we sometimes suffer.

Reboot devices

Well, in the event that we find an Internet failure in Windows, the first advice we can give you is to restart the computer completely. This is something that solves more problems than we imagine. More if we have made some kind of update, either of Windows itself or of an application or driver. What’s more, not only that, if you find yourself with a limited or no connectivity error in Windows, you should also restart the router itself. Say that these are two key elements for us to have access to our connection, hence both restarts.

Although it seems a bit obvious, if despite having restarted both devices, and for example we connect wirelessly and we continue with problems with the WiFi, we should bring the PC closer to the router itself in order to recover the signal.

Check the physical connections of the connection

On the contrary, if we connect to it with cable, it would not hurt to take a look at the connections. For some reason one of these may have moved, breaking all Internet access. That is why we also recommend that you check all the connections well, one by one.

At the same time and since we are checking, it is advisable to make sure that we are using the correct WiFi and that the password is correctly entered. This is because without realizing it is trying to use another WiFi, or that another user of the equipment has changed the password of ours.

Restore your internet connection with these tips

It is also interesting to know that when Windows presents us with a limited connection error, this is something that may be due to the fact that, for whatever reason, we have the connection of metered use active, although in reality it is not of this type. The connections Metered are those in which paid Internet access depending on time or amount of use. Therefore, to deactivate this integrated function in Windows, we will have to go to Settings through the Win + I key combination, to open the Network and Internet / Wi-Fi / Manage known networks section. Here we select ours, we go to Properties, and we check if the selector of Establish as connection of metered use, is deactivated.

Change current DNS in Windows

Another possible solution that we can use is changing the DNS that we are using to make that connection. This, using inappropriate DNS, may be one of the reasons for the aforementioned limited or no connectivity error.

Therefore, at this point, to change this section that we mention, we access the Control Panel where we do a search for Network connections. Once here, we click with the right button on the connection we use in order to enter its Properties. In the new window that appears we click on Internet Protocol (TCP / IP), and in Properties we will be able to enter the new DNS.

On some occasions it may be the case that the failures derived from problems on the Internet or with our WiFi connectivity, are not due to an error. This can be due to some configuration that we have in Windows that does not allow that connection to be carried out as it should. Therefore, in the event that we encounter the limited or no connectivity error, we should also take a look at the power saving options .

Although at first this is not something that may seem directly related to this failure that we tell you here, it does, and a lot. This is due to certain movements that Windows 10 carries out in the background when some parameters are changed in the power settings.

Misconfigured power saving options

These are located in the Windows toolbar, specifically in the battery icon where we click to access Power Options. And this is where the problem may reside, since the Windows power saving function may be turning off the network adapter without permission. So, try disabling all savings controls to see if that fixes the Internet bug.

Windows not updated

Another solution that is usually quite effective, both for errors with the Internet, with the WiFi, or with limited or no connectivity, are the updates of Windows itself. With this we want to tell you that, if necessary, we should try to update the operating system to its most recent version sent by Microsoft. This is something that is extended to most of the errors that we find in the operating system, unless we are talking about those derived from problematic updates.

In fact, it is recommended that we keep the operating system updated at all times. Whether for security reasons or for functionality issues, these system updates are key elements. It is true that sometimes they can give us some problems, but these are less widespread than it might seem at first, at least in most cases.

Update network drivers

And to finish we should also try to update the network drivers that we have installed in Windows. To do this, we access the Device Manager by right- clicking on the Start menu.

Once we are in the new window, we look for the Network Adapters section to enter their Properties, and in the Drivers tab , we can update them.

Windows 10 update failures

Previously we have commented that these failures related to limited or no connectivity in Windows, could be due to Windows updates . But yes, at the same time that we have told you that updating the system to the maximum is the best in most cases, that is not always the case. With this, what we mean is that the causes of these problems are precisely these same elements.

And it is that on many occasions we have spoken to you about the incompatibility problems that these elements that Microsoft launches, can bring with them to Windows. Therefore, the failure of limited or null connectivity in Windows could be due to a recent update installed. If we do the math and the ruling agrees with what we told you about, we may need to eliminate it immediately. Therefore we will show you how to do it.

The first thing we do, as in the previous case, is access the Windows Settings application through the Win + I key combination . Next we go to the Update and security section, where we will see a link called View update history.

Well, here we are finally where we are interested in this case, since in the window that appears after clicking on Uninstall updates, we will see a list with the most recent ones installed. In this way we will only have to look for the one that we have added recently, and delete it by just double clicking on it.

This will make Windows 10 go back to the immediately previous version in a few seconds, which could solve the problem that we are considering in these same lines. And it is that this solution that we have just shown you, in turn is extensible to a good amount of system failures, unfortunately.

Antivirus problems in Windows

It is true that in most computers, the use of some type of security solution is essential. It can be of great help to us when it comes to protecting the computer, system and stored data against possible external attacks. In addition, these can come to us from any source and unexpectedly, hence these antivirus are almost constantly monitoring when they are in operation.

But you also have to manage that these are often problematic programs, something that can directly affect the operation of the operating system itself. Likewise, the antivirus can be the cause of us being, suddenly, without an Internet connection, since it may be performing some blockade, sometimes unnecessary. Therefore, it is advisable in these cases, instead of eliminating it to see if the problem is solved, temporarily deactivating it. Be it Windows Defender or any other, we can disable it to check if it is this software that is really affecting the general connectivity in Windows.

If so, it is best to try to update it or even try some other security solution that does not effect this unwanted lock. In fact, we have a good number of them available in the market, both paid and free.

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