Wireless mouse not working in windows 10? This is how you solve it

In the desktop computer equipment that we use on a day-to-day basis, as a rule we connect a series of peripherals that increase its functionality. At the same time there are other external components that we install on a mandatory basis, or to gain convenience in use in Windows, such as the mouse.

We mention this important component in particular because it is precisely what we want to talk about in these same lines. Thus, as many of you will know first-hand, there are currently a wide variety of mice on the market. These can use different technologies and functionalities, from the most affordable and simple, to programmable for gamers, for example. In addition to the functionality that these are going to present to us, the price of the device as such will also vary greatly.

Wireless mice are more comfortable to use, but have drawbacks

At the same time, these variations can also affect the way in which they will interact with the equipment itself, that is, its connectivity. Therefore, for years we can find devices of this type that are connected through a cable, or the wireless ones, more modern and comfortable to use. It is evident that these seconds that we mentioned to you and allow us to use them without cables in between, which is a great advantage in many scenarios.

This is something that is especially evident when we use a laptop, since the touchpad that they usually integrate does not like much to most. At the same time, these wireless mice are more comfortable to transport and handle by not relying on the annoying cable, as we say. To this we can add the fact that the USB connectors used by these products are becoming smaller and more discreet, so sometimes they are barely visible.

However, even at this point and despite the number of years they have been around, these wireless mice can give many more problems than those that carry them. In addition to being a bit more expensive, in general terms, the bugs that we can find here also increase considerably. This is something that can be given for several reasons, as we will show you below.

Solutions for Wireless Mouse Crashes in Windows

This is something that is especially evident if our equipment is based on the most used system in desktop PCs, Windows 10. And it is that from what has been seen over the years by user reports, this software is prone to give us problems with these products, directly or indirectly. And you have to keep in mind that this version of Windows does not stop improving and growing. This is something that Microsoft itself achieves through constant updates that it launches for compatible equipment.

That is why the failures related to certain compatibilities do not stop occurring, mainly due to the number of products to take into account. Here we can add that some of the changes that come to the operating system are related to battery consumption . Therefore, as has been seen, several of these improvements that are implemented can cause problems with certain devices, generally USB. In fact, this is the specific type of connectivity that the aforementioned wireless mice usually use. This means that they suddenly disconnect and stop working, which is a problem.

Disable USB Selective Suspend

To prevent Windows 10 from disconnecting our mouse, the first thing we must know is one of the functions that at the time came to Windows 10. This focuses on energy saving and is called Selective USB Suspension. Therefore, thanks to this functionality, the operating system is able to deactivate the current of certain USB ports that are not being used or have been inactive for a while. As you can imagine, this saves energy and increases battery life.

But of course, at the same time it translates into the aforementioned problems with wireless mice connected via USB. At this point, if we have problems with these products, we are going to show you how to disable USB Selective Suspend, as it is usually the main reason. The first thing we do is open the Control Panel and click on Hardware and Sound / Power Options.

In the new window that appears, click on the link called Change plan settings in the Power Plan that we have selected. After that we click on Change advanced power settings and it will lead us to a small window, where we have to locate the USB Configuration drop-down list.

Here we will already have the possibility to deactivate this functionality to which we refer, the Selective Suspension of USB. This is something that we can do both using the equipment with or without connecting to the electrical network.

Mouse driver problems

Changing the third, the drivers or mouse drivers can also influence its malfunction. This is something that can be caused by a badly installed or corrupt driver, since it causes our wireless mouse to lose connection with the computer. To solve this particular section, we must try to update the wireless mouse driver. Then we should retest it to make sure that the failure does not come from here.

To do this, we right-click on the Start menu button and select the Device Manager option.

Next we locate the entry corresponding to the mouse, and click on it with the right button, where we select Update driver.

At this point we will say that we can make use of both Windows generics and those of the device manufacturer.

Change the port mouse

If this still doesn’t work, we can also try plugging the mouse receiver into another USB port. Although it seems a bit strange, it is not uncommon that what is failing is the USB port itself. Thus, when you change this input receiver, it will work again as it was before.

Mouse problems as such

On the other hand, although it may also seem obvious, it is also advisable to carry out other basic preliminary steps. Thus, we can check that the receiver is well connected, try on another computer, or make sure that the mouse has batteries. Although these solutions seem somewhat obvious, they are not strange or dismissive, since they are more common than we might think at first.

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