Windows tip: this is how you can change the size of the icons

The icons on our computer are what allow us to identify and always have our programs and files at hand, such as photos, videos and documents. Although we will surely have files distributed throughout the PC, the ones we use most often we will have on the desktop, since from there we can always have them at hand. The problems come when we have a screen with a very large resolution, since surely the desktop icons will appear too small and difficult to see. Or if we have a small resolution, the size of the icons will be too big and annoying.

One of the lesser known tricks of Windows 10 is the ability to change the size of the operating system icons. By default, Microsoft allows us to choose between 3 different sizes that we can give to these icons, although with a small configuration we will be able to change their size freely according to how it suits us.

Resize with “view” options

The fastest and easiest way to change the size of the icons of our Windows 10 is to do it directly by right-clicking on the desktop and, in the contextual menu that appears, in the “view” section, we can find the 3 main sizes that we can assign to these icons.

Using the Windows logo we can see how the icons would be sized depending on whether we want to see them small, medium or large. The default value that usually comes in Windows 10 is ” medium icon “.

The problem with this method is that we are limited to only those 3 predefined sizes. Luckily, there is another trick that allows us to manually adjust the size to make them as big or small as we want.

Windows 10 trick: use the mouse wheel to change the size of the icons

In addition to the previous option, there is also the possibility of changing the size of the icons to whatever we want. In this way we will not be limited only to the 3 sizes that we have seen in the previous point and we can choose if we want these to be larger or even smaller.

To do this, all we have to do is press the Control key while we are at the desktop and use the mouse wheel to adjust the size according to what we want them to be larger or less large.

As we can see, we can configure them from an exorbitant size to a size in which, in reality, it is difficult to read them.

If we have a touch screen and we do not have a mouse connected, we can also adjust the size of the icons in a similar way simply by using the pinch gesture with two fingers to adjust the size the same as with the mouse.

This trick also works with the size of the folder icons. The maximum and minimum size of the icons will depend on the resolution of the screen that we have. In this way, if we have a 4K monitor and we have problems seeing the icons, these two simple tricks will allow us to better adjust them to our needs.

Change the scale to make everything bigger

Another trick that we can resort to in case we want to make the icons (and all the other elements on the desktop) larger is to change the scale of Windows. This is especially useful especially when we have very large screens, with a great solution (especially 2K and 4K) and we notice that the icons, and the letters, are too small.

To change the scale, what we must do is open the Windows 10 Settings menu (something we can do with the Windows + I keyboard shortcut), and go to the “System> Screen” section. Here we will find a section called “Scale and distribution”, which will allow us to adjust this parameter.

By default, the scale is set to 100%. This means that everything we see is according to the resolution of our screen. We can expand it to 125%, 150% and even up to 175%. This upscaling will make all the elements on the screen larger, but keeping the same resolution.

Enlarge the icons with CustomizerGod

This simple application allows us to perform a large number of tasks with Windows icons. Beyond making them bigger or smaller, we can customize them, thanks to the fact that it has a large number of elements for it. To make it easy for us to customize the icons, all its options can be found organized by categories. The icons will appear somewhat small at first, but by double-clicking the one we want, we will have all the sizes available at our sight. For more advanced users, you have the possibility to choose the size of the icon when saving or changing the format, including RES, iPack and RC.

We can download CustomizerGod for free from this link.

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