Windows calendar events disappear? So you can fix it

Windows 10 has a calendar application with which it is possible to unify tasks, as well as some interesting features such as the possibility of synchronizing the calendar with the computer. However, we may have some problems with the Calendar application that can cause events to disappear. Whether we have had problems with the Calendar, or to know what to do in case it happens, today we are going to tell you the steps we must take to solve Windows calendar problems.

Problems with the Windows calendar can arise due to a bug in previous versions of Microsoft’s Calendar application, or after upgrading to a new operating system. Synchronization problems, event elimination or even problems with the opening of the event are known. Whatever the reason, it is possible to solve it and for this we are going to tell you everything you can do for it.

Fix problems with Windows calendar

Update the app

The first thing we should do in the event that we notice problems with the Calendar application in Windows is to check that we have it updated to the latest version available. The problem may be caused by a bug in the old version of the application. This may have been corrected with an update, so it is convenient to check and verify that we have the latest version, and if not, proceed to update it.

To do this, we must access the Microsoft Store from the task bar or the Start menu and write Calendar in the search box and select “Mail and calendar. If we have an old version, a button will appear that says “Update” on the application page, so we must press it to proceed to download it. Once downloaded, we must verify that the events that had disappeared reappear in the application. If the “Update” button does not appear, it means that we have the latest version available.

Reset calendar sync

In case it is not an update problem, we can try to reset the calendar synchronization. Sometimes it has been shown that if we have trouble finding third-party calendar events in the Windows 10 Calendar app, it can be fixed by disabling and re-enabling the Calendar app’s sync settings.

To do this, we must start the Calendar on our computer and click on the Settings icon located at the bottom left. Here we will select the option “Account administration”.

Later we must select the account where we detect that the events fail or are not synchronized correctly. In the new window we click on the option “Change mailbox synchronization settings”.

Now, we will proceed to deactivate the Calendar option and activate it again. Next, click on “Done” and the next window, click on “Save.

With this simple operation, our events should appear in the Calendar application and we should not experience more synchronization or event problems.

Use the Microsoft Store troubleshooter

Windows 10 has a troubleshooter dedicated to detecting and solving any problem that has arisen with the applications that have been installed from the Microsoft Store. In the event that the events we create in the Calendar app are not displaying or not syncing properly from another service, we can run the troubleshooter to help us fix them.

To do this we will press the keyboard shortcut “Windows + I” to access the Settings panel. Now let’s look for Microsoft Store and click on the option that appeared. Next, click on “Advanced options”. Here, we will make sure that the “Apply automatic restorations” box is checked and click on “Next”. Now the troubleshooter will look for possible problems and recommend what to do.

In this case, it recommends that you restart the application if it does not work correctly. We can choose to click on “Next” to allow Windows to automatically reset the application or manually reset the Calendar application.

Reset the Calendar app

Another option to help us solve problems is Reset the Calendar application. Of course, we must be clear that when we restart the application we will lose all the data we have in it. For this reason, it would be necessary to add them again or to synchronize them manually all the events created previously.

To restore the Calendar application we must access the Settings menu by pressing the shortcut “Windows + I”. Here we must select “Applications”. Once inside, click on “Mail and Calendar”. Next, we click on “Advanced Options” and click on the “Reset” button. A notice will appear warning that the Calendar data will be erased. Click again on “Reset” to continue.

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