Windows 10: Connect to WiFi network via command line or taskbar

When buying a computer, one of the first things to do is connect it to the Internet, so it is normal to ask how can I connect to a WiFi network using a command line or the taskbar? In this case, we will explain it to you using Windows 10, so if you are still using an old distribution, you can update without losing any of your data.

Fortunately, every day more people join the world of the  Internet , which allows them to communicate with each other and with the world.

How to connect to a protected Wi Fi network using command line

As we know, in Windows there are almost always several ways to do things, which is why we can connect to a known WIFI network through the command console or CMD.

This tool has been implemented since the same operating system is installed, so you will have it yes or yes. You should also know that it does not matter what version you have of the system, so there will be no problem when using it from a 32-bit or a 64-bit system.

configure wifi network on pc

To open the console we will have to go to the beginning and write its name, an icon with the same name should appear, which we will have to click to open it.

From the console, we will use a command called ‘netsh’, followed by the Wlan subdivision. We will have to enter these two commands side by side separated by a space, in this way we will indicate that we want to use the network adapter. Then, we will have to indicate that we want to connect, so we will write ‘connect ssid’. And to finish we will have to enter the name of the network.

After this we will have to press enter and wait for the connection. If you connect to a network and do not have access to the Internet , it may be due to a network problem, in case it is your computer you can solve it quickly.

How to use CMD commands for WiFi networks?

Using the CMD commands turns out to be easier than it seems and it is totally valid in those situations where it is necessary to activate the WiFi if there is a problem with the computer. In this section, we show you how you can do it by enabling and disabling the network adapter or releasing the IP address.

Enable and disable the network adapter

This option is ideal when the WiFi button is not working and an Internet connection is needed to work. To enable the network adapter, you need to open the command console and put in it: netsh interface show interface and then press enter; When you do this, you will see a window with the available network adapters, so you must write down the name of the adapter that appears there.

Next, you must activate the adapter through the following command that you will paste in a file in the system notepad: netsh interface set interface Interface_name enabled but where it says interface name, you are going to replace it with the name of the wireless connection you have in your home.

Now, this information must be saved in the notepad and you need to change the extension by placing .bat for everything to take effect. In the scenario of disabling the adapter, you must do the same but in this case, you are going to write the following command in notepad: netsh interface set interface “Wi-Fi” disabled; it is saved in the same way and with the same extension and that’s it.

use cdm commands on pc

Release or renew the IP address

This option is ideal to cut the connection or re-establish it, and you must execute the following command to release the IP address: Ipconfig / relée; while if you are looking to assign a new address you will have to copy the command: Ipconfig / renew. All this, you will do it through the Run window, when you have entered the system’s CDM.

Ways to connect to Wi Fi without password from the taskbar

The taskbar is one of the main tools that every operating system offers us. With it we can have access to the main utilities of the system, among these is being able to connect to a WIFI network. In the case of Windows 10 when we are not connected to any network, the icon is that of a world.

If we click on this icon we will see how a list is displayed with all the networks around our computer. In addition to some of your data such as the name of the network and the type of security it has. From this menu we must select the one we want to connect to by left clicking on it.

With this we will notice that we get a box to connect, if we click on it, another smaller box will appear in which we will have to enter the network password. We can also select whether or not we want to always connect to this network.

connect to a wifi network using a command line

Once we enter the password we will only have to give next and then accept. With this method we can connect to any adjacent network. It should be noted that if we want to save the network information, when entering the password we can take a screenshot and save it as an image.

How to pin the WiFi icon to the taskbar?

If for any reason the WiFi icon no longer appears on the taskbar, don’t worry because this has a solution. So the first thing you will have to do is go to the Windows menu and look for the configuration window; from there you will see a tab that says Customize and you will click where it says Taskbar to configure it.

Now, you have to search until you get a section that says Select the icons that will appear on the taskbar so that you can select the ones you like. You have to pay attention to the one that says Network (WiFi) and activate it so that it appears in the taskbar, that’s all.

I do not see the WiFi icon in Windows 10 What to do?

If, despite everything, you still cannot get the WiFi icon in Windows 10, you can restart your computer to update the system; in this way, all the applications will be loaded again, including this characteristic icon of the Internet connection networks.

Another recommendation that we want to give you is that you make sure that this option is correctly activated in the taskbar and if so, drag the icon up so that it appears first when you turn on your computer. Thus, you prevent it from disappearing again when you most need to establish new WiFi connections.

Finally, we want you to know that despite the benefits of being connected to a WIFI network. We must know that there are certain factors to take into account for our safety.

windows 10 taskbar for wifi

In principle it is known that we cannot connect to any network, since it can have access to our personal information. So if you want to connect to a public network of some establishment, it is best that you use it for leisure and not to enter your bank accounts or applications where you must provide valuable information.

Another factor is that of passwords, if you want to connect to a WIFI, you must have your password. Since without this it will be impossible for you to connect, it is also not advisable to use pirated programs that promise to reveal network keys. Because most are false or ask for your information in return.

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