Windows 10 20h2 continues its development fixing error

Although we still don’t know much about Windows 10 20H1, the first 2020 update for the operating system, Microsoft has been working on the second update for some time. This future Windows 10 update will arrive, if not delayed, in the fall of this year and, similar to the current version 1909, it will be a minor update, fast and focused on correcting errors and improving stability rather than including large ones. news.

Despite the current situation, Microsoft continues to work on its operating system, and one example of this is that, a few hours ago, the company just launched a new insider build for Windows 10 users subscribed to this program. The new build, 19587, is now available to all Fast Ring users who are testing Windows 10 20H2, and it brings a large number of bug fixes as we will see below.

Changes in the new build 19587 of Windows 10

General changes

This new Windows 10 update mainly brings two changes around the entire operating system ecosystem. The first one, highly requested by users, will ensure that, when we silence the Windows volume, it will continue to be muted when using the multimedia keys on the keyboard (unless we manually raise the volume or unmute).

The second of the important changes is found in Narrator, the Windows 10 screen reading tool. From now on, the audio output will be much easier to configure, and Narrator makes it much easier to connect all kinds of Bluetooth devices. .

Bugs fixed in build 19587

Of course, Microsoft has also taken the opportunity to fix a large number of bugs and errors in this new build 19587 of Windows 10 20H2:

  • Fixed a bug with the transparency of the Windows Defender icon in the Windows context menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Windows default applications section to close unexpectedly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some applications to be missing from the Windows 10 search bar.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some Win32 applications from opening from the file explorer if their paths were longer than 160 characters.
  • Fixed bugs that caused some thumbnail icons to not render correctly within a working folder.
  • Fixed a bug in the task manager that, when adding a session column, did not allow expanding the details of a specific user.

Bugs yet to be solved

Microsoft has also provided a list of a number of recognized bugs and bugs that have not yet been fixed:

  • An unexpected green screen bug has caused Microsoft to block users with ARM devices from updating.
  • BattlEye is still not working due to a compatibility bug.
  • Narrator and NVDA do not work correctly in Chromium browsers, such as the new Edge.
  • Microsoft is still investigating why some users take a long time to receive new Insider builds.
  • Microsoft investigates why some users get a green screen when rebooting after downloading the update.
  • The “documents” icon in the privacy section is wrong.
  • The Windows + Print Screen keyboard shortcut does not save the capture correctly.
  • When using the DISM command to analyze the system health, the system hangs at 84.9%.
  • Microsoft is investigating why Sticky Notes cannot be moved to the desktop.

Windows 10 20H1 update still in the air

The first update of 2020 for Microsoft’s operating system is still in the air. The company has not yet given clues as to when this new version will reach all users and, although we already know all the news of the 2004 version of Windows 10, the date remains a mystery.

Windows 10 20H1, or version 2004, has already been in the RTM phase for some time, so it could arrive at any time between the month of April and the month of May. For now we will have to wait.

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