Why did the desktop window manager stop working in Windows 10 and 7? – Solution

Microsoft Windows is an elite operating system considered one of the most efficient and well-known in the world. It is at the top of this type of system due to its excellent service capacity to the user who has it on their device.

All versions of Windows, whether 7, 8 or 10, have been extraordinary, but they have always presented various errors with the system administrator, which we do not know how to solve. If you want to know how to fix the window manager problem, read on.

What is the Windows desktop window manager?

One of the great and majestic characteristics of the Microsoft Windows operating system is its design and, together with this, its ability to manage and handle the activities that we as users do when handling our device with said system.

Every operating system needs a driver for the outcome of its use of extraordinary tools and capabilities. This controller bears the name of administrator and is nothing more than a mechanism used by the system itself to automatically manage all the processes required by the user.

But sometimes that process or automatic mechanism of the system begins to fail and translates as a failure in the administrator. A frequent example of this is the case where the ‘Windows desktop window manager’ has stopped working, which brings problems for the user, but has a solution, and this is simple.

people managing desktop window manager

Just as this is an error considered to be repeated in the system, there are many errors within Windows that also cause problems and make it impossible for us to execute programs and other operating system tools, which can be in Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Causes that make desktop window manager stop working in Windows 10 and 7

The question why desktop window manager stopped working in Windows 10 and 7 is valid to ask. However, in this practical world it is best to take action and solve the problem of the system.

But the reason usually lies in inherent errors of the Microsoft Windows operating system, and it is common to see them on our devices. In this sense, there are many of them and it only remains to learn how to solve, for example, the error in the execution of the server in Windows 10.

Another frequent example can be the recovery error 0xC000014C in Windows 10 , which originates for various reasons such as the existence of damaged files, defects in the hard disk or recently installed hardware.

And there are more, many more like the errors in the Windows 10 problem reports , where this all-important tool is disabled ; or Microsoft Store issues in Windows 10 , which can be internal and very specific Microsoft Store issues.

And likewise, for different reasons such as malware infections or failures in the operating system itself, the Windows 7 and 10 desktop window manager may fail and cause problems.

How to fix the problem of desktop window manager that stopped working, in Windows 10 and 7?

The solution to this problem is given by a large set of methods, depending on the cause of the error, it will be necessary to try to solve it with more than 15 methods.

If you don’t know where the problem is coming from, you can start by trying to rotate what is known as the “second screen”; you can also clean boot Windows; Aero Peek lap; a hard drive defragmentation.

In case you have had other service-related problems, we recommend doing a desktop window manager service check.

You can also try system restore ; run Windows Update; try with the version your graphics card, changing the one of its driver; scan the hard disk to rule out infections or also run its check; fix the operating system installation or update it.

person managing tasks from his computer

If you have Windows 7, update it to service pack 1; try creating another user account; try the command line Run SFC / SCANNOW; and a few other methods you can follow to fix this problem on your operating system.

In case of not solving it by these means, do not forget that you can seek technical support through the Answer Desk, or a professional technician who will personally go to your address to solve it; surely with professional help you will be able to solve it.

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