Who is Cortana and how to set her up to tell jokes in Windows 10?

Cortana is an artificial agent that performs various functions including taking notes, reminders, searching for information, files, programs, and more. It works well either by voice or text commands. It is included in Windows 10 and you can find it at the bottom of the taskbar.

So you just have to click on the option “ask anything” and Cortana will give you the answers automatically. It should also be noted that Cortana uses the searches you perform on the internet to be able to provide you with news that it considers of interest.

In addition, it should be noted that you can configure this assistant so that it provides you with the information that you like the most. In the same way, this assistant seeks to better manage your time by helping you easily in the searches you want.

Set up Cortana on Windows 10 to tell you jokes

Hi, I'm Cortana Wallpaper

It should be mentioned that Cortana is the virtual assistant of Windows 10 and it can do things for its users through the configuration of voice commands. You can also ask a series of questions and the assistant will answer them even if they are personal questions.

The Windows virtual assistant has a good sense of humor, since some of the answers it provides to its users are quite witty. You should also know that Cortana is located in the lower left in the box that says “ask me anything. You can also see a microphone icon.

Then you can click on that box and the Cortana screen automatically opens, in it you can see a series of options on the left panel. The first box is the start box and the second is the notebook, it is in that option where you can find the settings.

After selecting it, you will be able to view a series of parameters which you have to activate; Cortana is normally considered to be enabled by default. In turn, you can activate the “Hello Cortana” option .

Additionally, this option allows Cortana to wake up simply by saying “Hello Cortana” in front of the microphone. So by activating it you will be able to communicate directly with Cortana. Although you must understand that by activating this setting it will no longer be necessary to press the microphone icon but simply with your voice.

Together when activating the aforementioned option, you will be able to see that you are asked “better respond to”  “anyone” that is selected by default and the option “to me. So if you prefer, you can configure only your voice so that Cortana answers your call.

It should be noted that by selecting the option “only to me” you will have to read a series of sentences to be able to recognize and configure your voice for recognition.

What to do after activating voice settings in Cortana?

Activate Cortana settings

After activating the configuration you can test if the greeting works so you just have to say hello and ask the question you want. In this way, when you are ready, you can ask him to tell you a joke and Cortana will answer it.

This wizard has a variety of jokes in its system in order to satisfy the requirements of its users. You can also ask me to tell you something interesting, riddles, among other things.

Similarly, if you don’t want to say “Hello Cortana” at all times, you can press the microphone icon and simply speak ignoring the greeting. So you can say directly: tell me a joke, that simple and with a few steps you can configure the system.

In turn, with Cortana you can do different things, you can even schedule something for the assistant to remind you on the date and time you schedule it. It is also possible to open applications just using your voice.

In short, with the personal voice assistant in Windows 10 you can enjoy the variety of jokes it has for you, but that’s not all. In turn, you can ask any type of question you want and the assistant will answer them without any problem.

You can even ask questions about how will the weather be tomorrow in my locality? even how does a dog? Cortana will give you an answer to every question the user asks. In this way it facilitates hundreds of activities for people.

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