Where the default screenshots are saved in Windows 10, 8 and 7

We are in the 21st century where technology advances by leaps and bounds where we see a robot that cleans our house, among other inventions, so you should not worry about not knowing where the screenshots are saved, here we will explain easily and safely  Where did the images go after the screenshot or screenshot.

We must bear in mind that to perform any of these steps we must have an account created in Microsoft .

Where do Windows 10 screenshots go?

When it comes to taking a screenshot and you will wonder where the image you just captured went, we are going to solve this problem easily and safely, because all the images go to the same place.

In Windows 10 there is a folder where you will find all the images made by screenshots or screenshots, the normal thing would be applying the Control + V keys in an application such as Paint and then save it where you want, or we go to My Images and We look for the screenshot or screenshots folder. We could also get the screenshots through the Windows 10 developer .

Remember that we could also take screenshots of windows with the Screen Snip application . Which is an application to take captures efficiently.

Where do the Windows 7 and 8 screenshots go?

In Windows 8 like Windows 10, we get the screenshots or screenshots made by ourselves in images,  then we look for the screenshot or screenshots folder to locate the image we are looking for. In Windows 7 the image capture is saved in a folder called image capture as long as you have pressed the Windows + Print Screen key combination, otherwise the screenshot will only be saved for a certain time.

That is why programs such as Paint are recommended to be able to paste said capture and save it where you want, if you have made the capture by pressing print screen you open Paint, you will get it Start, All programs, Accessories and Paint once open click on Paste or Ctrl + V to paste the captured capture and save it wherever you want. That folder where your screenshots will go, I will teach you how to change it easily and simply.

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How to change the screenshot folder?

As I previously practiced, we are going to easily and safely change your screen capture folder and thus customize your equipment so that our work is more comfortable and faster on a daily basis. In Windows ten, as in previous versions, we can do it, but before teaching you how to change the screenshot folder, we must know how to use the tool of how to take a screenshot on your computer, these are the ways we can do it with Windows .

  • To make a screenshot in windows, we will press the Print Screen key on the keyboard, located in the upper left or right corner of the keyboard, with this action we will have a complete capture of the image, which will be copied to the computer’s clipboard, it will be needed a program like word or photoshop, where we will paste and edit it to our liking and then save it where we want.
  • We use the Alt + Print Screen keys to make a screenshot of a single windows window, as in the previous step we will need a program to view it.

We can take a screenshot with the snipping tool, which you can find in windos vista, 7, 8 and 10. We locate it Start, All Programs, Accessories, Tools and Snipping.

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Since we have reviewed the forms of screenshots, we return to the issue of how to change the screenshot folder, if you have given to save the file and you do not know where to find it on your computer, the solution is easy.

We enter the file explorer click, My Images, Screenshots or Screenshots there you will find all your screenshots, well once we are in screenshots, with the right mouse button we will open a menu and choose Properties, Location and there you can choose Restore Default, Move or Search and choose the folder where you want to save your captures.

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