Where our doconds are saved by default in windows 10

There are many millions of users who are currently migrating from Microsoft operating systems that have stopped receiving support for Windows 10. Hence precisely the growth in market penetration that this version of the system is having over the last few months.

That is why, these same ones who have finally decided to migrate, will have to spend some time adapting to the new version of the operating system. For example, many at this point are wondering about the “My Documents” folder, especially newer users. And it is necessary to bear in mind that in the previous Windows XP and Windows 7, this used to be the folder where we kept all our personal documents.

Locate the “my documents” folder in Windows 10

Thus, if necessary, many may ask in the same way where we keep the documents in this new system, so we are going to help you. Those of you who have been working with Windows 10 for a while, it is more than likely that you have already gotten used to the folders that the software handles by default. But that does not happen to everyone, especially for those who have been using Windows 7 for many years.

Once the aforementioned previous version of Windows 7 has reached its end of official support, many have finally decided to migrate. Well, let’s start by saying that the folder that for years we knew as “My Documents” is now called “Documents”. As in Windows 7, this is the default storage location for documents such as text files or Microsoft Office files.

Therefore we already have to forget about My Documents and focus on the new one. To locate it, we have to go to the File Explorer, for example using the Win + E key combination. Thus, a new window of this integrated application will appear. Well, in the Quick Access section of the left panel, we should see a folder with the name Documents, which is the one that interests us. In this way we only have to click on it and all the documents that had been stored or those recently saved will be displayed.

Other ways to access our own documents

In the event that we do not see it here, or we want to use another method, we can open the execution box with the Win + R key combination . Here we type the command C: UsersUSUAIORDocuments, where “USER” is the active Windows username.

In the same way, we also have the possibility to click with the right mouse button on the File Explorer icon on the taskbar. Here we can see an entry called Documents in which we can click to access the folder. In the event that someone has changed its location, in that entry we right-click again and select Properties. Therefore, in the new window that appears, we go to the Location tab to see where it is saved now.

Using any of the methods discussed here, we can quickly and easily access the Windows 10 Documents folder .

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