What is the basic configuration of Windows 10 at the first installation?

Computers are devices that allow us to run these programs, it is very important to inform us about their capacity so as not to exceed it. These computers come with a base operating system, which improves their performance.

What is the basic configuration of Windows 10 at the first installation?

Windows Configuration

These operating systems are the software that controls the capabilities of the devices, they come by default with a set of programs that are responsible for managing the device’s resources. Currently there are many operating systems available, these can be installed very easily on our computers.

One of the most used softwares in the world is the Windows operating system, created by the Microsoft company. More than an operating system, Windows is a set of systems that work hand in hand, this makes it one of the best designed softwares since its inception.

Thanks to its constant work to be better and better and provide the best experience for its users, Windows is the world leader in the computer software market. From time to time Microsoft releases new updates to its Windows operating system.

These updates are increasingly better designed, with more complete functions, which make the experience of working on our computers much better. Its most recent version is Windows 10, officially launched in 2014 for its users.

This new Windows update was very well received by consumers, the tools that it has previously installed are very good. This hinted that Windows would continue to be the leader among software vendors.

If we want to have this great version of Windows we must register on its official page, in this way we will be given access to download it. So we can enjoy all the functions it has to offer us.


Once the version of Windows 10 has been downloaded to our computer, we must do a previous configuration to start using it. In this article we will learn what are the steps to follow to make the first configuration of Windows 10.

Steps to configure Windows 10 on the first installation

With the Windows 10 software downloaded, we will proceed with the installation of it, then the computer will restart and the new system will start. Before being able to use it, it will ask us to do a previous configuration, very simple.

The first thing that will appear on the screen is that we indicate the language in which we want Windows 10 to work. We must click on the bar and select the language we want, then we click Yes.

Then we must select the region in which we are, we click on the bar and select our country, then we click “Yes”. Next we must choose the keyboard configuration that we want, we put the language in which we want our keyboard to work and we click on “Yes”.

The next options are Add another keyboard layout and connect to a network, we can choose the ones we want or skip these steps. We will get the Windows 10 version contract, we read it and click I Accept.

The next step is to indicate the name of the person who will use the equipment, if it is us we put our name and click Next. Now we must create a password and write it in the box, we click Next.

Finally, we confirm the password and select Next, it will ask us for a suggestion for our password, we write it, we click Next. Then we click on I accept and that’s it. In this way we have configured Windows 10 in the first installation.

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