What are the latest Windows 10 updates and how to download them manually?

The operating system developed by the Microsoft company known as Windows is the most downloaded software in the world, it is currently installed in more than 900 million devices, also with a large number of updates ranging from Windows 1 to the current one. Windows 10 , the last of which updates are still being developed with new functions for users.

The Microsoft company publishes patches and Windows updates every month in which corrections of existing problems are made in the previous or security versions, normally these updates are made through Windows Update an application installed inside our computer in a way default in order to notify us of the latest system updates.

Windows Update, despite being from the same Windows, does not always fulfill its function since sometimes it does not perform or notify about an update due to the lack of internet connection.

A slow internet or even an error found within Windows Update itself , which forces us to look for other means to obtain the latest published updates of our Windows 10. Next we will show you how to download Windows 10 updates manually.

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All about the latest Windows 10 updates and how to download them manually

Windows 10 has been in constant development of updates to optimize its functions and adapt more to its users, with the latest news in Windows 10 updates you will be able to:

  • Choose your favorite color for the operating system

To choose the color of the system, enter the customization section found in the computer configuration, then click on “colors “, where you can select the color of your preference and you can also choose a light mode or a dark mode.

  • You will be able to command the Magnifying glass to read a text aloud

To enable this function you will only have to press the Windows key on your keyboard together with the plus sign (+), then press on the button that says read from here  and select the text you want it to read, after that press on the button to reproduce.

  • Access notification settings from the taskbar

To access this section, open the task bar, and in the upper right, click on the “manage notifications” button to enter the notification settings.

  • Modify the pointer on the screen

To access the pointer options, click on the Windows icon located in the lower left corner and then on settings, then look for the courses and pointer option within accessibility and choose the options you want to configure.

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How to download Windows 10 updates using Microsoft Update catalog?

The Microsoft Update catalog offers us the content of the amount of Windows updates created where we will have to look for the version of Windows from which we need to download an update, in the search bar of the page, in this case the version of Windows 10, if we have the update or patch code, we can enter it to find exactly the version that needs to be downloaded.

How to download Windows 10 updates manually with external applications?

To update the Windows 10 operating system manually, we can also go to one of the applications that we will show you below:

  • WSUS Offline Update

WSUS Offline Update is a program that allows us to download Windows updates without having access to an internet connection, and in addition to that we can download this program for free.

In order to download Windows updates we must unzip the file after having downloaded it, after that we must install it by running the Update Generator file and choose the version of Windows that we want to download, and it even gives us the possibility to save the downloaded updates on a device of USB or CD / DVD storage.

  • WHDownloader

This application works like portable software, where after having downloaded it and later unzipped it, we must open it and choose the version of Windows that we want to install, then check the box that appears next to the update and finally press the Download button .

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