What are the functions of the F1 through F12 keys in Windows?

Today’s creators of computers want to provide those who use computers with functions that speed up the performance of certain jobs. As for example to know  What are the functions of the keys F1 to F12 in Windows? And mainly when you will be able to use them, so read this post to learn what you can do with the F1 to F12 keys.

Although these serve as shortcuts to accomplish some tasks, you can personally customize your own Windows keyboard shortcuts and tailor them to your comfort.

Function of the F1 to F6 keys

Time is one of the resources that we use the most and we save effectively. Even when we use our keyboard for small things like minimizing or reducing the size of a window with the keyboard . But next, we will talk about how to use the keys from F1 to F12.

Let’s start by talking about the  F1 key ; It has a very special function, since when you activate it, the help tab of the program you are using at that moment opens.

Now, the next key is F2 and this has a kind of shortcut or “trick” function. This works only when you select a file or folder and allows you to rename it more easily.

On the other hand, the F3 key fulfills the function that when pressed, it opens a search bar that allows you to search for specific words on the page or website where you are. It can also be used to find things in the file explorer and in the control panel of your PC.

F4 is the key that will allow you to open the address bar of any menu within your computer. An example of this would be that you write the path D: \ Documents \ Example in that bar and when you click on the Enter key, you will enter that path directly. Also, pressing the F4 + Alt key will close the program you are watching at that precise moment.

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When pressed, F5 updates the view of the files contained in a certain folder automatically. Also a second practical use of this key is to reload a page within the browser in which you are.

The F6 key has a very peculiar purpose, as it works as a selector for a URL of the page where you are. That is, while you are on your Windows PC browsing a website or page and you want to select its URL, pressing the F6 key will suffice. If you need to use other combinations, you can configure the Windows 10 keyboard to your needs and work much better.

Functions of the keys F7 to F12

Now, the F7 key is often considered a useless letter, but in Windows 10 this key already has a use. When this key is activated, it disables the mouse, that is, it activates the cursor mode, making this role of the mouse now fulfilled by the keyboard.

The F8 key will be very useful so that when your computer is turning on and you see the Windows icon when it starts up, press this key and then enter safe mode. This minimizes the margin of software errors on the PC, something more than advantageous for you.

The F9 key is another one of those keys that many feel has no significant use. But it is in fact one of the keys most used by programmers to execute a certain built code.

F10 is also useful when you want to visit the menu of any program in Windows and when it is activated, it will direct you to the main menu.

The F11 is suitable for when you are in a folder, it is displayed in full screen. In a browser, typing F11 would mean executing or performing this function and then exiting it in the tab that is currently running.

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Although the F12 key does not serve a special function in Windows, in browsers it is useful for opening the developer options console.

Now that you know the functions of the F1 to F12 keys, what are you waiting for to use them more often! And it goes without saying that there are combinations and shortcuts of the Windows and Mac OS keyboard that are super functional. Don’t miss every opportunity to simplify your tasks.

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