What are the best network monitoring tools for Windows?

Networks are essential in the field of Information Technology. Thanks to these, users can communicate from various devices and through a defined channel. If you’ve ever wondered what are the best network monitoring tools for Windows ? then this article is for you.

What are the best network monitoring tools for Windows?

The different types of computer networks have a behavior that varies according to the actions that are carried out in them. When a network decreases its performance, the flow of information is disrupted. This can occur due to modifications due to the insertion of a new user or a new application.

Next, we present all the information you need regarding network monitoring and what are the best tools to carry out this process in Windows.

What is network monitoring?

Network monitoring is a complex process in the information technology industry that is based on visualizing the behavior of a network with respect to its performance. Consequently, monitoring can ensure and optimize accessibility.

Networks and Devices

What is network monitoring for?

Network monitoring is used to track the servers and operation of a network in the system, assess performance problems, find the causes of any failures, and prevent subsequent failures.

Why is network monitoring important?

Constant changes to a network can cause its performance to decline. For this reason, Information Technology specialists and network administrators must be attentive to such changes in order to locate problems and correct them in time.

A network monitoring is crucial to determine if a device has stopped working, if there is unusual traffic, if it is produced by some malicious program or if the server disks have become full.

Best Network Monitoring Tools for Windows

There are some useful tools for monitoring a network from Windows. These are adaptable to the needs of particular users. While it is true that network monitoring is crucial for the business sector and its large networks, it is also relevant for local users with small networks.

Bitmeter OS

Bitmeter OS is an open source application that monitors the computer where this tool is running. Bitmeter  OS starts at the same time as Windows and runs in the background in order to monitor bandwidth usage which can be viewed from the web browser.

This tool can be obtained directly from the following link Codebox – Bitmeter OS and in this way you can start monitoring your network.

Wired network

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager

This tool allows bandwidth management in addition to basic network monitoring. The app can block unwanted sites and makes it easy to manage the content to be blocked. In addition, it optimizes network traffic and limits its consumption when necessary.


Networx is a small tool used to measure internet speed and bandwidth consumption. Also, the software tracks certain connections and allows data quotas to be established, notifying when consumption reaches the limit.

You can download this network monitoring tool directly from its official SoftPerfect – Networx website. It is certainly an excellent tool for monitoring purposes.

Solarwinds IP monitor

Solarwinds IP monitor is a very comprehensive application that offers integrated monitoring to visualize performance and provide network improvements. Likewise, this tool presents an easy-to-use web interface that allows you to send alerts in order to know the problems or failures of the program in a timely manner.


This software provides a visualization of network usage according to traffic and location. In addition, it displays graphs with data on network traffic and allows determining the causes that increase activity in order to avoid future failures.

In addition to all the information above, you could also consider the best CMD command lists for networking in Windows , an excellent option for checking your connection in Windows.

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