Unlink the windows 10 license from your pc before selling it

As most of you will have seen at some time, the Windows 10 system allows us to link the software license to our Microsoft account. Thus, by linking the key to our Microsoft account, we can reactivate the system on the same device without problems, in the future.

This is something that may be very useful to us after changing certain components of the PC such as the disk drives, or the motherboard. When the Windows 10 license is linked to your Microsoft account, in Settings / Update & security / Activation, we see the message “Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft account.” Therefore, it may be the case that we are going to give the PC to someone else, or sell it.

Unlink your Microsoft account from the Windows key

At this point, we may want to unlink our Windows 10 license from our personal Microsoft account . That is why below we are going to see how we can achieve this that we are commenting on.

In this way we will see how to safely unlink the Windows 10 license from our Microsoft account and remove the device from it. Once we know all this, in order to unlink our Windows 10 license from the Microsoft account, what we have to do is log out of the account as such. In this way, what we achieve is to migrate the Microsoft account that we are going to unlink, to a local user account, as we recently taught you.

This is something that, as we saw at the time, we achieved from the Accounts / Your information section of the Windows 10 Configuration application. This is where we see the link Sign in with a local account instead, where we follow the steps of the wizard , as we showed you a few days ago. We must also bear in mind that for all this we will need the Windows 10 access PIN.

Steps to take after unlinking the Windows 10 key

Once the change is made, we will have the opportunity to enter the name that we want to assign to the local user account, and enter a new password twice. Of course, we may not always be interested in entering a password in the new local user, especially if we intend to sell it to a stranger or give it to a relative. Therefore, at this point, we recommend assigning an access password only when necessary.

Thus, with these simple steps what we really achieve is that when we exit this wizard, the Windows 10 license is disconnected from our Microsoft account. Thus, from that moment, on the system’s lock screen, we will be able to log into the local account that we have just created with the new credentials. Of course, if we have not used a password, just enter the account name as such.

At that moment, once in the system, when accessing the Configuration / Update and security / Activation section, things have changed. Now we find a message that tells us that Windows is activated with a digital license instead of Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft account.

Remove the device from Microsoft account

Now that we have unlinked the license from the Microsoft account, it is time to remove the device itself from that account. This is something that we are going to achieve from the web page corresponding to it, so we need the browser. Thus, from the official Microsoft website, we have to enter our user. This, as is easy to imagine, should be the same as the Microsoft account that you used earlier in the unlinking process.

Once in the personal account, in the upper right corner we see the associated logo that we chose, where we click to access My Microsoft account. Once in the new window that appears, in the upper right part of it, we see a link that says Devices. Therefore, in it, we select Manage in order to do what we are looking for here.

The new page that appears shows all the devices linked to that Microsoft account, so we only have to delete the one we just unlinked. Therefore, we locate the equipment in question, in the event that there are several associated with the same account, which is usual. Then we click on the button in the corner and select Remove laptop, so it will disappear from the account, and that’s it.

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