Turn off only your laptop screen in windows with this trick

There are several components in a computer that can be considered as keys, while others have a more secondary role. One of the most important is the screen, something that we must take care of and handle in the best way. That is why below we are going to teach you how to create a simple keyboard shortcut with which to turn off the screen in Windows.

As I’m sure you already know, this is an output device that serves as the equipment’s display interface. Whatever the operating system installed, it is essential so that we can work with it in the best way. Sometimes we find that this element is connected to the computer externally, while in others, it is integrated. Take as an example what happens with laptops.

Here we can see that the screen of the equipment itself is part of it, mainly due to the issue of mobility. And it is that these PCs in particular are characterized by the possibility that they present us to be able to take them anywhere comfortably. And it is that at the moment there are many users who decide to buy a laptop instead of a desktop to be able to take it from one place to another. Whether for personal reasons, or related to work, these teams offer us many advantages.

Reasons to turn off the laptop screen via software

But not all are benefits when we talk about these mobility-based devices, when compared to desktop computers. For example, which is what interests us in this case, we can ask ourselves what to do if we want to turn off the screen in Windows. Keep in mind that the desktops have a connected monitor that has its own on / off button. But on the other hand, laptops have it integrated, as we mentioned before, so they do not have the off button.

And there are several reasons why we may need to turn off this particular component independently of the rest of the laptop. On the one hand, it must be taken into account that the screen is the component that consumes the most battery. That is why to increase the autonomy of the laptop, it is convenient to turn off the screen in Windows when we need it. We also come across the issue of privacy, since we don’t always want those around us to see what we do. To all this we must add that the operation of this element should not be linked to that of the PC in general, so we will help you.

In particular we tell you this because in these same lines we are going to show you a solution that will surely be of enormous help in all this. And we are going to show you how to create a simple keyboard shortcut that will serve to turn off the screen in Windows.

Create a keyboard shortcut to turn off the screen in Windows

It should be clear that this will not affect the laptop’s CPU, which will help us in the cases mentioned above, among others. Therefore, if necessary, for example we can place this shortcut on the Redmond system desktop . In this way, whenever we need it, we can make use of it to turn off this component quickly and without turning off the laptop completely.

And not only that, but in addition to being able to create a shortcut, later we can also establish a keyboard shortcut that executes it, as we will see. In addition, this can be used for when we connect an external monitor to the laptop and we do not want to use the native screen, for example. Well, for those interested in carrying out this, let’s see the steps to achieve it, it is very simple.

Create a shortcut in Windows

To get started, the first thing we do is right-click on any empty part of the desktop. In the contextual menu that appears, in this case we opted for the New / Shortcut option. At that moment the corresponding window will open with an empty box that reads Enter the location of the item.

Then, in it, we type the following command: powershell.exe -Command «(Add-Type ‘[DllImport (« user32.dll »)] public static extern int SendMessage (int hWnd, int hMsg, int wParam, int lParam) ; ‘-Name to -Pas) :: SendMessage (-1.0 × 0112.0xF170.2) ».

Once we have entered it in the box, we click on the Next button and enter an identifying name for the shortcut. Next, and to finish the process, we click on the Finish button. As we mentioned before, this is a shortcut that we can leave there, on the same desktop, to double-click whenever we want to turn off the screen. To make it work again, just move the mouse or press any key.

Of course, after doing so, we will see a window that belongs to the command prompt and it will take between one and two seconds to fully execute. But as we mentioned before, for greater comfort we can go one step further.

Turn off the screen in Windows with a keyboard shortcut

And it is that at the same time and thanks to this access that we have just created, it is also possible to establish a keyboard shortcut to execute it. With this we want to tell you that we will have the possibility to turn off the screen in Windows using a keyboard shortcut directly. Well, for this we click with the right mouse button on the shortcut created before and select the Properties option .

In the window that appears at that time, we go to the Shortcut tab, where we will see a field called Shortcut key. This is where we will have to enter the keyboard shortcut that we want to use to execute this.

Now we only have to click on the Accept button to save the changes we have made. In this way we will already have two very fast ways to turn off the Windows screen of our laptop without affecting the operation of the rest of the computer.

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