Try the latest in windows 10 without a microsoft account

One of the strengths that Microsoft has used for years when it comes to improving Windows 10 with the new updates, is thanks to its Insider program. This is an interesting project in which both parties are winning, both the users, and the Redmond company itself.

And is that Windows 10 is an operating system that does not stop growing and improving over time, all thanks to cumulative and feature updates. In this way, users from time to time receive the latest improvements and new functions of the operating system on our computers, free of charge. But of course, with Windows 10 we are talking about a very broad and feature-rich software, so bugs are common.

Although despite being common, the firm responsible for all this tries to reduce the number of them to a minimum. This requires an enormous amount of hours of testing, and that is where the project we mentioned comes into play. Thus, thanks to the Insider program, it is the registered users themselves who test the latest versions of Windows 10 before anyone else. In this way, the company receives the reports of these as faults are detected , all to correct them before the official staging.

We must bear in mind that, on the one hand, the firm has a huge number of testers at minimal cost throughout the world. In addition, these greatly facilitate the massive detection of failures in the latest versions of the system, something that they warn previously. And of course, Insiders should know that they are working with an unstable compilation of Windows 10, so errors can be frequent and even serious.

Windows Insider benefits both Microsoft and users

And then we find the other side of the coin, which is the testers themselves who subscribe to the program. As many of you surely do, you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next major system update. This is something that right now, for example, happens with the next Windows 10 2004 or 20H1, which will be released in the spring. That’s precisely the good thing, and that is that those interested can test the latest test builds before anyone else from the Insider program, all for free.

This will give them access, before the rest, to the latest features that Redmond are working on, which many may like. But of course, there are several requirements that are demanded to be able to enter the program that we mention, one of them, having a Microsoft user account . Without it, we couldn’t sign up for the Insider program and test the latest versions of Windows 10.

But it seems that things are changing, at least for the moment, as we will see below. In this way, in the event that we do not have a Microsoft user account but want to be Insiders, now we have a solution. This is something that a user of the development platform, Github, just announced.

Specifically, this user has developed a new script for Windows 10 that allows us to avoid this “pitfall” and subscribe without the Redmond account. In this way, as you can imagine, the first thing we will have to do for all this is to download the script to which we refer. This is something we achieve from this link. It has become known as the Offline Insider Enroll and to achieve this it uses an undocumented variable from the Windows 10 registry.

Join the Insider program without a Microsoft account

To say that it does not verify if our PC is actually enrolled in the Redmond program, so we will already have access to these trial versions of the system. On the other hand, it should be noted that something that we cannot avoid will be to register the telemetry of the operating system, feared by many.

As many of you know, this is the system that Microsoft uses to extract data on the use of its software by users. In their view, this personal and anonymous information is collected in order to improve the system. But of course, a large number of users consider that this type of practice clearly violates their privacy, so they avoid it in any way. Well, by using the subscription method that we discussed, we will not be able to avoid said telemetry.

Try the latest versions of Windows 10 before anyone else

To activate it, we must access the Windows 10 Configuration application through the Win + I key combination, and go to Privacy / Comments and diagnostics. Here we will have to mark the option of Complete to activate the sending of data. Similarly, we must bear in mind that to carry out the process that we describe here, we will need to have administrator permissions on the system.

Well, then, what we have to do is run the file of the corresponding script that we just downloaded, as an administrator. This is something that we achieve through the right mouse button, so we make sure we get it right. It will be then that a new window will open on the screen with the command prompt executing the script.

As we see in it, we will already have the possibility to select the ring of the Insider program that we want to join:

  • A: Preview
  • S: Slow ring
  • F: Quick ring

Once we have selected the appropriate option, if we were not enrolled in the program before, it will ask us to restart the computer. Similarly, the same patch allows us to unsubscribe from the Insider program by simply re-executing the script and clicking on the letter X. With this we indicate that we want to stop receiving trial versions of the operating system, after which we will have to return to restart the PC.

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