Trick that limits the cpu to windows defender and improve the performance of windows 10

We all want our computer to run its best on Windows 10. We want it to be low on resources, protected by Windows Defender at all times, and seamless. But we do not always succeed, although we can take certain measures.

To say that for many users, Windows Defender has become a staple in Windows 10. This is the security software implemented in the system, so many have stopped using third-party solutions. It is a software that over time has been improving substantially and increasing its functionality and power.

Note that Windows Defender almost always runs in the background, thus scanning new files for threats. At the same time, it examines any file that we download through the browser, regardless of whether we use Edge, Chrome or Firefox. In short, this antivirus never runs full system scans while you are actively using your computer. This is something that takes place when we are not working with the team.

The impact on the CPU is usually low, but of course, everything will depend on the capacity of our PC. Therefore, in case we want to limit the CPU usage of Windows Defender, we are going to show you how you can do it. In this way, what we are going to achieve is that Windows Defender never uses the CPU too much and thus does not affect the rest of the computer. For this, Microsoft itself has a method that allows us to limit the use of the CPU of the security solution.

Limit CPU usage of Windows Defender computer in Windows 10

This is something that we are going to achieve in a simple way with a small command that we execute in the PowerShell. The only requirement that we will need is to access this system function with administrator permissions . Before starting, you have to know that the CPU usage is established as a percentage of the total processing power of the same. By default Windows Defender can use up to 50% of this, something we can customize.

What we do first is open PowerShell with administrator permissions and execute the command that we are going to show you. Of course, we must replace the number that appears at the end with the amount of CPU use that we are going to assign.

“Set-MpPreference -ScanAvgCPULoadFactor 50”

Obviously, we can increase the limit beyond 50% or reduce it, but of course, we cannot leave it to 0. Once we have customized this section, the specified value will have an impact on both CPU usage and the time it takes to run a system scan, as you would expect.

At the same time we must know that this will not affect how well Windows Defender can protect our system, since it does not disable any of the analyzes it performs. Therefore, if disabling Windows Defender has ever crossed our mind , this option is better, since staying unprotected is not a good alternative today.

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