Tired of the pin when turning on the pc? So you can disable windows hello

One of the features that Microsoft sold the most when launching Windows 10 was the high level of security of the operating system. Specifically when logging in, offering several ways to do it safely, from using the usual password to doing it with a numeric PIN, a fingerprint, patterns in a photo or through facial recognition. All of these login options are grouped into what is called ” Windows Hello “.

Windows Hello is the system in charge of introducing new authentication systems within Windows 10. In order to provide a fast, secure, and password-free login system, Microsoft implemented different login systems in its operating system.

When we install Windows 10, the system asks us to sign in with a Microsoft Account. Doing so links this account as the default user account, and your password as the account password. If we have a long and complex password, having to enter it all the time to log in or unlock the PC is quite annoying.

Thanks to Windows Hello, we can create a PIN (also during the installation of the operating system) so that we can log in by entering that PIN with the same security that we would do when doing it with a password. In addition, once logged in, we can also use other biometric systems to log in, such as fingerprint or facial recognition. As long as our PC has the adequate hardware to be able to use these systems.

Setting it up for the first time is easy. However, what if we no longer want to use Windows Hello to sign in? Next, we explain how to deactivate this authentication system.

Disable PIN and other Windows Hello authentication systems

These security options can be found in the Windows 10 Settings menu, specifically in the ” Accounts> Login options ” section.

What we must do is access this section on our PC, and within ” Manage how you log in to your device “, we will find all the authentication options that Windows Hello offers us.

Microsoft specifically recommends us to use two. The first one the PIN, since it is much faster to log in than the password, and the second one the fingerprint, as in mobile phones, as long as our computer has a fingerprint reader.

In case you want to remove the PIN, or any other authentication system, from Windows Hello, what we must do is select that method, and click on the “remove” button that will appear. If we just want to change it, we can do it by clicking “Change”.

We follow the steps that Windows will tell us, and in a few seconds we will have removed the PIN from the PC. We can repeat this same process for the other Windows Hello authentication systems, such as fingerprint, facial recognition or image password.

The only one that will ask us for additional steps for its elimination is the security key, which must be found inside a USB memory that, to deactivate it, will ask us for the password of our Microsoft Account.

What if I want to log in automatically?

Unless we create a local account in Windows 10, the operating system will not let us remove the password from our PC. We can easily change it, but our Microsoft Account account will also be changed, something that we must always keep in mind.

However, there is a little “trick” that will allow us to use the computer without having to enter the password every time we turn it on. To do this, we must activate the automatic login of Windows 10 so that, when we turn it on, the session is opened without having to enter our password.

This process is very simple. The first thing we have to do is run the command “netplwiz” from the Windows browser, or from the “Run” window (Win + R) to open the user account management. To enable automatic login in Windows 10, what we must do is disable the box “Users must enter their name and password to use the computer” that we can find in the window that appears.

We enter (for security) our password, and that’s it. From now on, when we turn on the PC, it will no longer ask us for the password or PIN. Of course, we must bear in mind that, if we block the session manually (Windows + L), we will have to enter the password to log in again.

The importance of protecting Windows

Having to enter the PIN when logging in can be quite annoying. However, it is the most basic layer of security that separates our data from the hands of others. It is not recommended to configure automatic login in Windows 10, nor to leave the operating system without a password. If we lose the PC, or it is stolen, all our data will be in the hands of other people. And we don’t know what they will do with them.

It is true that the password, being a Microsoft Account, must be long, robust and secure. And typing it over and over can be annoying. However, the PIN is written in just a couple of seconds, and it makes the difference between keeping our data safe or not.

Even if typing the PIN bothers us, Windows Hello offers other more advanced authentication systems. The fingerprint, as we have spoken, or a facial recognition system that recognizes us and unlocks our PC only when we are sitting in front of it. We can even link our mobile to the PC and let it only unlock when it is connected to it.

Thanks to Windows Hello, the possibilities of protecting our PC are immense. Let’s not jeopardize our safety by being lazy.

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