Tips to fix unidentified network error in windows 10

There are many errors that we can find in Windows 10, but one of the most common types are those related to networks and the Internet connection. At the same time and at this time, they are also the ones that a greater disorder can cause us to work.

This is something that is extensible whether we see the error when using Wi-Fi connectivity, or if we do it via Ethernet cable. Therefore, sometimes we can find ourselves faced with the annoying Unidentified Network Error or Unidentified Network Error. Therefore in these same lines we are going to give you a series of tips to fix it. If it is the case that, using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network in Windows, we find you with an error that says Unidentified network, let’s see what to do. Say that there are several ways to solve it, as we are going to show you.

Disable Firewall to fix network failure

The first thing we should try is to disable the Windows Defender Firewall temporarily. This is a very useful element in certain circumstances and it protects the PC from Internet threats. However, it can sometimes affect our network connection to cause the Unidentified Network error.

Therefore, to temporarily disable the Windows Defender Firewall we use the Win + I key combination to start Settings. Next we go to Update and security / Windows Security, where we can click on Firewall and network protection.

We select the Public network option where we can deactivate the Windows Defender Firewall to test if the aforementioned error has been solved. Say that we can try something similar with the antivirus solution that we have installed on the PC. That is, we must try to deactivate it, even temporarily to see if this solves the problem described.

Turn off Airplane mode of the operating system

Another possible change that we can carry out in Windows 10 itself to solve the unidentified network error, is turning off airplane mode. And this is another of the most common solutions, as some users have reported. Therefore, for this we must access the System Activity Center. This is in the lower right corner, or we can open it with Win + A. There we will see the button that allows us to check if we have Airplane Mode activated, or not.

Check the router and connectors

On many occasions, when we suddenly find a fault or problem in Windows, we try to solve this from the operating system itself. There are few occasions in which we consider that we are to blame for this by misusing an element. As is usually the case, it is normal for us to seek blame in others. Well, although the usual thing in these cases is that the Redmond system itself is failing somewhere, it will not always be like that.

These problems with the network can also be caused by something other than the Redmond software. Therefore, if we find this connection failure, one of the steps that we can also take is to restart the router. This is usually the solution to more problems than we think related to connectivity and the Internet. On the other hand, if we see any red light on this same device that we have just restarted, the fault may be completely external. With this, what we want to tell you is that the problem with connectivity may be given by the company that provides us with the connection.

It is also important, at this point, that we check that all the connectors are in place. It may be the case that some error is loose, both on the PC itself and on the router. Thus, it will never hurt that we remove all of them one by one, and reconnect them in their place to make sure. If none of this works or resolves the bug, let’s keep looking for other alternatives.

Use Windows troubleshoot functionality

There is also the possibility that this is a failure that is derived from the network itself that we use in the operating system. Therefore it is recommended that if we find the Unidentified Network failure, we use the dedicated diagnostic function. You have to know that Windows 10 is capable of fixing itself on many occasions. This solves some problems for us automatically, as could be the case.

Therefore, now we will have to click with the right mouse button on the Wi-Fi icon in the system tray, where we select Troubleshoot.

What it does is go to the Windows network diagnostic center , so it alone tries to detect the problems that have occurred with the Wi-Fi of our computer. When the process is finished, we can click on I have a different problem and then indicate Use a specific network adapter.

From the options that will appear we select Wi-Fi, or Ethernet if we use cable, and we allow the troubleshooter to run the diagnosis with that adapter. Then this functionality should detect where the Unidentified Network fault is and guide us through the actions to fix it.

Restart network protocols

Finally, we will focus on the TCP protocol that aims to maintain communication between multiple computers. Therefore an incorrect or misconfigured IP address could cause the unidentified network error on our PC. Thus, resetting the IP configuration of the network could help us to solve it. To do this, the first thing we do is press the Win + X key to open a command prompt window with administrator permissions.

In this we have to type the command “netsh winsock reset” and then execute “netsh int ip reset”. Once the execution is finished , finally we introduce the command “Ipconfig / flushdns” and we press Enter again. Now we only have to restart the computer to see if the Unidentified Network error has already been solved.

Update network drivers in Windows

Another possible reason for us to find the Unidentified Network error in Windows 10 may be due to some incompatibility with the hardware. By this, what we really mean is the possibility that there is some problem, even if it is sudden, between the network card and Windows itself. As you already know, this can be directly related to the drivers of this particular component. That is why what we recommend is to update these small pieces of software to their most recent version.

At first, to achieve this, what we do is click with the right mouse button on the Start menu and then locate the section called Device Manager. Once in the new window that appears, we have to locate the network component in order to click on it again with the secondary button. To finish with the process we are looking for here, it is enough that we opt for the Update driver option.

What’s more, at this point we could tell you that keeping the drivers or controllers of our components up to date at all times, can save us more than one annoyance. This is precisely the case of the network controllers that we are talking about here, which may allow us not to waste time looking for other solutions related to this.

Uninstall or disable antivirus

As many of you already know, Windows 10 is an operating system that by default has its own security solution, Windows Defender. With everything and with this, many users choose to use third-party solutions, since they do not fully trust Microsoft’s own antivirus. But in certain occasions and due to the protection in real time or the restrictions that these programs establish, these can give problems with the connection.

That is why, whether we use Windows Defender or any other external antivirus, we can try to disable it, even temporarily. That way we make sure that it is not the antivirus software that is causing the problems with the network. For example, to do this that we discussed in the integrated solution of the system, we have to go to the Settings application. We achieve this through the Win + I key combination and then click on Update and security.

We go to Windows Security on the left side of the window, and then click on the Open Windows security section. This is where we will be able to deactivate this security solution that we are commenting on just by clicking on Antivirus and anti-threat protection / Manage settings. It will be in the new window that appears in which we will have the opportunity to deactivate the real-time protection system .

Keep in mind that it is advisable to take this measure temporarily, since we must be protected by an antivirus at all times. This is something basic, especially if we are habitual of the Internet and its content downloads. In addition, it is not only worth us with Windows Defender, since other security solutions in the form of anntivirus, from third parties will also help us.

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