The best anime themes to personalize windows 10

Both the individual wallpapers, as well as the popular themes that we install in Windows 10, allow us to customize the operating system to a great extent. More and more users want to have their own software installed on their desktops, for which customization functions are key.

Therefore, the developers of the different applications that we use on our teams every day, do not stop growing in this sense. In this way, they offer us new features both designed to customize the operation of programs, including Windows 10, as well as their appearance. In this way, users themselves have more and more to choose from in this regard. And we are not only talking about the advantages that all this can present us at an aesthetic or interface level, but we can also gain in productivity. The main reason for all this is that not only will we be able to work with an operating system that is no longer imposed, but we will also be able to adapt a good part of its functions.

For all this, those of Redmond do not stop launching new features, both functional and aesthetic, that later we can adapt ourselves. To say that a good part of these changes can be carried out directly from the Configuration application of the operating system itself.

How to install third-party themes on Windows

The one that we are going to propose in these same lines serves as an example, which is none other than the much-used issues that we use to customize the Microsoft system . These are usually composed of a series of wallpapers that are exchanged and that are related to a specific theme that we like. For example, this is the case that we are going to talk about here, about topics focused on anime for Windows 10. The truth is that in the operating system’s own store we find a good number of elements of this type, but they are limited.

That is why, as we told you, we can also use themes from outside the Windows 10 store to install on our PC. This is a process that is just as simple, fast and effective as when we do it from the same operating system store. We just need to make sure that the downloaded theme has a “deskthemepack” extension . The only thing we will do to do this is download the corresponding file with the theme. In the event that we opt for “Open” directly, this will be effective in Windows 10. On the contrary, if we save it on the hard drive, later we can run it to apply it whenever we want.

In case we want to delete the topic, in the “Change topic” section, we can select another. Once changed, we can select the one we do not like with the right button and click on «Delete» to make it disappear.

In this way, as we see very simply, we have the possibility of giving an important twist to the appearance of our Windows, all in a few seconds. We will also give the same software a much more personal look and according to our tastes and preferences.

Anime themes for us to use in Windows 10

That is why below we are going to show you a series of anime themes that you can integrate into the team in the way that we have commented.


This is a theme that offers us wallpapers of the game for mobile devices, Arknights. It is a popular title focused on strategy, so if you are one of its many followers, you will surely love this topic. Say that you can download them from this link.

Rin Kagamine

In this case we are talking about a theme designed for the youngest anime lovers. In this way it is composed of a series of funny images with a multitude of characters of this theme. If you want to try it on your computer, you can download it from here.

Eren yeager

Next we will refer to another anime theme, but now focused on the popular character Eren Yeager. This is a powerful being that hates the titans, since they finished off his mother, and is dedicated to eliminating them. Therefore, if you want to do with these funds, you can do it from this link.

Bungou stray dogs

This is a theme belonging to a Japanese manga series also called Bungo Stray Dogs that revolves around a boy expelled from an orphanage. Therefore, fans of the series will be delighted to see these desktop wallpapers that you can download from here.

Izuku Midoriya

Now we refer to a theme composed of 15 attractive wallpapers of the popular Japanese anime series character, Izuku Midoriya. This is a character known for his great awareness and education who has super speed to move and knock out his opponents. To download it you can do it from this link

Mitsuha Miyamizu

Again we find a topic related to another well-known manga character, Mitsuha Miyamizu, the female protagonist of several series who acts as a priestess in a shrine, as well as being a high school student. If you are interested in having these funds in your Windows 10, you can download it from here.


Belonging to a Japanese manga series, Asta is an orphan who was left in the care of a church in his town. He is also an expert swordsman with great strength and speed, specialized in hand-to-hand fighting. If you are followers of the character in question, you can download his theme for Windows 10 from here.

Portgas D. Ace

The anime series character Portgas D. Ace, also known as Fire First Ace, also has his own theme for Windows 10 with 17 background images that you can download from this link.


If you like anime in general, you will probably like the theme aspect that we offer for Windows 10. It focuses on the character named Charlotte and the theme we are referring to specifically, will give your Windows computer a new look. The main reason for all this are the animes that are part of it and the color that they present to us in the chosen backgrounds.

Date a live

You may have read the anime comic that we refer to here, or played its video game, or even seen the movie. Be that as it may, in case you are a fan of Date a Live, you will love this collection of wallpapers for Windows. It is worth mentioning that the images that make up this particular theme are of high quality and very colorful. For those of you who do not know, Date a Live is about a series of spirits from another realm that enter our world causing destruction and the death of many people. Thus, the protagonists try to prevent these spirits from reaching our world.


For those of you who don’t know, this is a Windows theme that focuses on the anime character named Hinata Hyuga. This is a fictional character from a Naruto TV series who was disinherited by her father because he thought she was no good. Therefore she changed and became strong to end up marrying Naruto and having two children with him. Due to all this, this is a theme more than suitable for fans of the aforementioned and popular series.

Zoro roronoa

For anime fans, Zoro Roronoa does not need an introduction, since he is one of the most popular characters in the One Piece series, one of the oldest Japanese series, and known as Pirate Hunter Zoro. Enjoy some completely lush themed wallpapers that we can download to beautify our screen with the images of this spectacular swordsman. This theme can be used on Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 and contains a total of 16 backgrounds in HD quality. We can download it for free from here.

Goku black

The name  Goku Black  refers to the darkness of his aura and clothes, while his English alias, black, refers to the black color of his clothes. This character is the result of an exchange of bodies and possessing the heart of Zamas and the body of Goku. This theme comes pre-installed with the desktop theme, color accents, sounds, wallpapers, and background photos that can be customized. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 (8.1) and Windows 10 operating systems, and contains a total of 13 backgrounds in HD quality. We can download it from this link.

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