Solve the red x that appears in windows 10 files and discs

The icons are one of the elements of the appearance of our computer more are recorded in memory. Each one of us usually places these icons where we want on our computer, and also many times we can even customize them. For this reason, when something out of the ordinary appears, for example, an icon changes or a symbol appears next to it, we immediately realize it. And if we do not know why this happens, the alarms quickly go off.

In recent weeks, a strange and unknown glitch in Windows 10 has gained popularity that, for now, we don’t know much about. This failure, or error, adds an icon with a red cross next to certain files, folders or next to the storage units of our PC.

Although it is not known exactly what this icon means or what is generating it, it is clear that this is a warning that a certain content is not accessible, or simply that it cannot be updated. And it is that we must bear in mind that the content that we store on our PC over time is increasingly important and sensible. Therefore, any brand or signal that allows us to see that a problem with them can become a serious problem. Sure, the fact that that red cross suddenly appears on an important file or folder is a bit worrisome at first.

That is why in these same lines we are going to show you the way to deal in a decisive way with the problem that we pose to you with files and folders in Windows. Specifically, below, we are going to see different ways we have to solve this problem in Windows 10.

How to fix the red X error in Windows 10

The first thing we should know is that there are several elements, of the many that make up Windows 10, that can affect this issue that we are commenting on. That is why, not being sure which is the section that has led to that red cross, we have to try more than one. Therefore, below we will show you some of the most common potential culprits for this error that has been talked about so much in recent times. In the event that you suddenly see a cross like those mentioned in a Windows folder or file , it is not necessary for us to panic, we will see how we can correct it.

Troubleshoot network problems

It is possible that the first thing that does not come to mind once we get to this point is that the problem is caused by a local failure in the system. But many of the causes that generate this failure are network problems in Windows. In the event that we have a network drive connected , such as a NAS, to our computer, or we use a lot of cloud storage with OneDrive or Google Drive, a failure in the network or in the clients can cause this X to appear in some files.

To solve it, what we must do is check that we are correctly connected to the Internet and that the synchronization clients with the cloud are working correctly. If they don’t, we must reinstall them.

If it is a NAS or a network drive, then we must disconnect it from Windows and reconnect it again. We must also reinstall the clients of the cloud services that we use, such as Mega, Google Drive, and even OneDrive, in case the files with this symbol are in one of these clouds. As is usual with so many of the problems that we can find in Windows, restarting the PC can solve many of these. At the same time something similar can happen in the case of the peripherals and components that we use here, as it happens in this case of the network components.

Troubleshoot file problems or crashes in Windows

Another way to fix the red X error in Windows files and folders is by checking the integrity of files and troubleshooting any problems with them.

To do this, we simply open a CMD window with administrator permissions and execute the following command, changing <drive> for the drive letter in question: chkdsk <drive>: / f / r / x / b. Actually this will help us so that the operating system itself performs a scan of the files that belong to it and are considered important to correct their errors. Say that this is a process that can take a few minutes, all depending on the equipment we have, or the size of the disk drives.

Thus, when the file verification is finished, we reboot the computer and this problem should have been solved. In the assumption that we have a hard disk or a memory with read and write protection, this can be the cause of the problems. Therefore we only have to disable this protection and everything should return to normal and the red cross disappear.

Troubleshoot software issues causing the red X

The reasons for this red X may also be due to a software problem. Therefore, if the above has not solved the problem, another thing we can try is to clear the Windows 10 icon cache by executing the following commands in a CMD window with administrator permissions:

  • cd / d% userprofile% AppDataLocal
  • attrib –h IconCache.db
  • from IconCache.db
  • start explorer

It may also be that the cause of this is that a virus has damaged our system. In that case, a pass with our antivirus will help us to repair possible problems.

Reinstall the program

Although it is strange that this icon appears due to a local problem, there are times when it has been. It may be that, for some reason, the program’s executable has been damaged or some of its libraries have been corrupted. Therefore, Windows detects that there is a problem with the program and therefore shows us this icon.

In case this is the case, what we must do is try to uninstall the program from our computer and then reinstall it. After reinstalling the program, it should work normally again. If this is not the case, we must also make sure to delete the data from it (such as its temporary files, settings or profiles) and then reinstall it again. A clean installation of the latest version of the program will allow us to solve many problems.

Look for viruses

Another aspect that we cannot ignore is the possibility that this symbol has appeared due to a virus. Therefore, another thing we must check is that our PC is clean of malware. We must scan it with an updated and modern antivirus, so that we can make sure that there is no threat that is making our PC not work well.

Other ways to fix the red x

With the settings above, we have most likely been able to correct this problem in Windows. However, if this is not the case, we can always resort to other configurations that will allow us to solve these problems.

The first one is, of course, to make sure we install all the operating system updates. Both quality patches that have been released to correct bugs in the operating system, as well as updates for new versions of Windows. In addition, we must also install the new drivers on our PC so that if there is a conflict with them, it is resolved.

Many of the causes that can cause this red X to appear are mainly related to problems with the network. Therefore, in addition to checking that it is configured correctly (and that we have access to the Internet), we must make sure that there is no program (such as a firewall) that is intercepting and blocking this traffic.

Finally, if we continue to have problems when trying to open certain programs because of the red X, then we can only think about resetting the PC to factory settings. In this way we can solve any possible problem that may exist with our Windows. In addition, thanks to the function of restoring Windows from the cloud, we can bring our PC up to date, downloading and installing the latest version of the operating system.

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