Solve the nvlddmkm driver error when playing in windows 10

There is nothing more annoying than, while we are playing, the game crashes, closes, and we have to open it again. That is if we are lucky and the entire computer does not crash. There are many reasons why Windows can give us errors: problems with the drivers, missing or corrupt libraries, and even problems with the PC’s own hardware. If we have a gaming PC, with NVIDIA graphics, one of the most common errors that we can find is related to the nvlddmkm screen driver, a failure that, in this article, we will explain how to solve it.

The nvlddmkm.sys blue screen error is a common error that can affect Windows users, especially those who use an Nvidia graphics card. While the exact cause of the error may be different for everyone, there are a few fixes that can help us eliminate the error.

What is the nvlddmkm driver

The nvlddmkm driver is basically the component of the NVIDIA drivers responsible for the proper functioning of the PC screen. While we are using the computer normally it is very rare that it can give problems and fail. However, when we use it very intensively, such as playing games, things change.

If we are playing games, watching a movie in high definition, or doing anything else, and we see how the screen flickers and the program or game shows us an error message related to the Windows screen driver, then something is wrong . If we open the Windows 10 Event Viewer we can see what exactly is happening, so that we can try to remedy it as soon as possible. In our case, for example, what is failing is the NVIDIA nvlddmkm driver.

The possible problems that we can find related to the nvlddmkm driver are:

  • An error message stating that the controller stopped responding and restarted.
  • Unexpected game closings.
  • The PC screen turns black.
  • The image freezes.
  • FPS drops drastically and does not recover.
  • Blue screen.
  • Video card overheating

If this is our problem, then we are going to see several ways to fix it so that it does not appear again.

Rename and copy the nvlddmkm.sys file

One reason for this error may be driver mismatch, which can be resolved by renaming the file. To do this, we must access the address C: Windows System32 drivers and change the name of the nvlddmkm.sys file to nvlddmkm.old. Next we go to the Nvidia directory and copy the nvlddmkm.sy_ file to the desktop. Now we must open the command prompt, typing its name in the Windows search bar. Once inside we must write the following command:

chdir Desktop

We press Enter. Later we must write the following command:

expand.exe nvlddmkm.sy_ nvlddmkm.sys

We press Enter. Finally, we can only move the nvlddmkm.sys file from the desktop to the folder located in C: Windows System32 drivers and restart the computer.

Analyze and repair Windows 10 problems

One of the reasons this error can appear is because Windows is not working properly. And that may be because, over time, some of the most critical components of the operating system have become damaged and are not working as intended.

Therefore, the first step that we are going to perform is going to be to analyze and repair Windows. To do this, we must open a CMD window, with Administrator permissions, and execute the following command:

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

We let the system analysis complete, and when it finishes we restart the computer. When it turns on again, we reopen a new CMD window, with Administrator permissions, and we will execute in it:

sfc /scannow

Again, we let the command run on the PC and do whatever it takes to repair our Windows 10. When it’s done, reboot again and that’s it.

Surely these commands will have detected libraries that had lost integrity or some other problem in Windows and they will have solved it. We can retest if our PC continues to fail, or continue with the next steps to make sure.

Reinstall NVIDIA drivers from scratch

Another reason may be that the NVIDIA driver has been corrupted. This is a much more frequent error than we imagine, since, with the passage of time, update after update, in the end something always ends up failing.

Therefore, what we should also do is completely uninstall the NVIDIA driver (we don’t have to worry, because Windows will temporarily load its own driver) and then manually reinstall the graphics driver.

To uninstall the NVIDIA driver, what we must do is download a program called DDU. This program, which we must run in Safe Mode, will allow us to completely uninstall the graphics driver, and clean our PC, so as not to leave a single trace of it.

When the program finishes running, we simply restart the computer, return to normal Windows 10 and install the latest version of the NVIDIA drivers, which we can download from here. When installing the new driver, we must mark the “Clean installation” option, since it will erase configurations and possible inherited parameters.

Be careful, it may happen that the problem is in the latest PC drivers. Therefore, we can also try to install a previous version from scratch that we know will work without problems.

Update everything

Many times we underestimate the updates of everything. And it is often the best way to fix all kinds of PC problems like nvlddmkm driver.

Update windows

Every month, Windows receives different updates, both in terms of security and quality. Therefore, if we are having problems, the first thing we should try is to update the operating system. If there are patches, security or quality, we must always install them through Windows Update.

And the same goes for Windows updates that come out every 6 months. Each new version of the operating system releases new functions and features, in addition to correcting problems and other bugs, which can help us to solve all kinds of errors while we play or use the OS.

Update NVIDIA drivers

The same goes for NVIDIA drivers. Each new version of the drivers allows us to take better advantage of the power of the GPU, in addition to helping us to solve possible failures, errors and problems that may exist in the system.

If we use GeForce Experience, the program itself will allow us to download the latest version of the drivers to our computer. Otherwise, we will have to download the updates manually from the NVIDIA website and install them by hand on the PC.

Update the game or program

We may be blaming Windows and the graphics card and the fault is with the game itself. And it is not the first time that developers sell us launch games full of bugs, errors and all kinds of problems. Therefore, another way to fix all kinds of bugs and errors is to download game updates whenever possible.

These updates can almost always be easily downloaded from the game client that we use. For example, if we are playing from Steam, or from the Epic Store (among others), we can download the new versions from there.

Adjust the graphical settings of the game appropriately

Another reason why the nvlddmkm display driver may be failing is because the game is misconfigured. This problem is very common when we use programs (such as GeForce Experience) to configure the graphics options for games. Nvidia software often forces games to use certain settings that it is not prepared for, or that are unstable, and therefore ultimately crashing.

Therefore, we must always configure the graphics from the game configuration itself. What’s more, we must never choose the highest option (unless our hardware allows it), but we must try to find a balance between quality and performance. The less you force the graph, the better everything will work.

Don’t use overlapping widgets

Currently the widgets superimposed on the screen are very fashionable . These types of widgets allow us to see the performance of the games and access certain social or streaming functions. In addition to consuming resources, using these types of elements can cause all kinds of problems when playing.

If we cannot live without widgets, the most recommended is the Windows 10 Game Bar, since, in the end, it is the one that is best integrated into the operating system itself. However, if we can avoid using it, so much the better.

Use proper screen resolutions and frequencies

Another reason the nvlddmkm driver may be failing is having Windows (or the game) configured with the wrong resolution, or refresh rate. If the screen is Full HD (1920 × 1080), and we have a higher resolution, something will eventually go wrong. The same happens if our screen is prepared to work at 60 Hz and we are making Windows, programs and games work at 75 Hz.

Therefore, from the Windows screen properties we must make sure that everything is configured correctly. Our PC uses an adequate resolution, and the frequency is correct according to the operating frequency of our computer.

Disable overclocking

The overclock is very useful, if known to be able to improve a bit the overall performance of your computer without having to purchase new hardware components. But it can also be the reason why our computer works unstable and errors such as nvlddmkm appear.

If we have made OC to the RAM memories, or to the processor, we must deactivate it from the BIOS / UEFI of the system itself. Likewise, if we have overclocked the graphics card, we should deactivate it from the program we use (for example, Afterburner). At least to check if, after deactivating it, the PC continues to give problems.

If the same thing continues to happen after deactivating the OC, we can reactivate it to take advantage of that extra performance.

Configure PC power options

Although it is more strange, it may be that some of the components of the PC are not receiving enough power due to a bad configuration of the power options of Windows itself. Therefore, another of the things that we can try to see if the problems are solved is to modify the power profile of Windows 10.

Within the Control Panel> Hardware and sound> Power options we can choose either the balanced profile (which should not give us problems), or the ” High performance “, which would allow each of the PC components to use all the energy they need as long as the power supply allows it.

Be careful if we have a laptop, because increasing the energy implies a much higher battery consumption.

Clean and tune your PC

Another reason why the PC may be crashing and we see errors like nvlddmkm is because of too high temperatures. Therefore, if we have enough knowledge and we are not afraid to open our PC, we can take advantage of it to clean it from the inside.

We can remove the dust from the components, check that the fans are working correctly and even, if we dare, change the thermal paste of the processor and the graphics to lower their temperature and reduce the probability that something will go wrong.

Additionally, we can use programs to control the use of our computer.

Quick CPU

This software allows us to adjust and monitor the performance of the CPU and control other parameters such as temperature. In this way we can know if our PC suffers from high temperatures that could have ended up causing errors such as nvlddmkm. It also allows you to control the performance, power, voltage, current or current among other aspects of our hardware. We can download it for free from this link.


This program can be very useful to see the frequency in real time of the CPU, the voltage or the cache, so we can check if its performance is adequate, as well as solve compatibility problems, temperatures or hardware requirements. It also helps us to know the consumed power, the clock frequency and the performance. We can download it from here.

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