So you can have the latest version of windows 10 before anyone else

The most modern Microsoft operating system with which we find ourselves at the moment, Windows 10, is a software in constant evolution and growth. This is something that Microsoft itself achieves based on updates and patches that it does not stop sending to compatible computers.

Although this is one of the most compromised sections of the entire operating system, at least with regard to the bugs we find, it is essential. And we must bear in mind that without the aforementioned Windows 10 updates, the software could not improve and grow as it does right now.

Windows updates, problematic as they are, are key

But not only that, but also these updates serve as a basic protection measure. With this, what we want to tell you is that the security patches that come to us serve to correct the most recent vulnerabilities detected in the operating system. Otherwise we would work with a software prone to receiving all kinds of external attacks that would endanger the personal data that we treat here.

As a general rule, these updates and security patches that we are talking about, come to us through the integrated function of Windows Update. To access it, we only have to go to the Windows 10 Configuration application , for example by using the Win + I key combination.

Once we are in the Settings window, to access the section that interests us, we click on the Update and security option. Then the section that really interests us here and that is located on the left of the screen will open, the so-called Windows Update. Once we get to this point, the operating system itself should show the latest updates that we can install on the PC. At the same time we can click on the corresponding button that we see on the screen to carry out the search by ourselves.

Improvements that Microsoft introduces in Windows Update

Actually and due to the controversies generated by the updates around Windows Update, Microsoft is introducing some measures. These are mainly based on allowing the users themselves to have greater control over their arrival and installation. In this way and from Settings, at this time we have the possibility of establishing temporary delays for these updates.

This will allow us to have a little more time so that updates that have presented problems can be corrected by Microsoft. But of course, during that time we will not be able to use the latest features shipped, nor will we have the latest security- related patches . Therefore, as we see, this temporary delay has its advantages, but also some important drawbacks.

What is the Windows Insider program

As perhaps many of you already know, one of the most important elements when developing new versions of Windows 10 by Microsoft, is its Insider program. These are a series of registered users who are in charge of testing all the trial versions that Microsoft sends them. It is clear that these may contain flaws, which are precisely those that Insiders must detect to make them known to Redmond.

Well, all this is carried out completely free of charge and thus everyone wins. On the one hand, Microsoft has a good number of users prepared to be able to detect and report the bugs and problems of the trial versions of Windows 10. On the other hand, there are all those eager to test first-hand and before anyone else the latest versions of the operating system that will see the light of day in the future.

As you can imagine, this is precisely the purpose that we are looking for in these moments, that is, to ensure that the most recent Windows updates arrive on our PC . Therefore, what we must do is register, completely free of charge, in the aforementioned Windows Insider program. This is something that we get from the same window mentioned above Settings / Updates and security / Windows Insider Program.

Sign up as an Insider to get the latest version of the system

First of all, once we start the registration process as an Insider that we are talking about, Windows will ask us to have the Comments and diagnostics section configured at the Complete level. This means that the operating system will be able to send all the data collected in the telemetry to Microsoft itself.

Thus, once we have activated this functionality, we can continue with the registration process for the Insider program. Then on the screen we will see a new window where it requests that we register the current system account in the same program. And we also have the possibility to use another Windows account registered in Insider previously.

Something very important and that we must take into account, is that the Insider program that we are talking about, has several modalities to which we can subscribe. Therefore, for the purpose that we seek in these lines, which is none other than testing the latest version of Windows 10 before anyone else, the channel that interests us in the so-called Release Preview.

Once registered in the Windows test program as such, there comes a time when we are questioned about what we are talking about. Therefore we only have to indicate to the system when asked “What type of content would you like to receive?”, “Only the option of corrections, applications and drivers”.

Final thoughts from a new Insider

To finish and as usual, we accept the terms and conditions, and restart the computer. Once we have our Windows 10 enrolled in the Windows Insider program, we are ready to receive the latest version of Windows 10. The advantage is that now we can try the one that has not yet been made available to everyone from official way.

This is something that we achieve from the Windows Update function that we talked about at the beginning. In fact, this is where these preliminary versions of the system also arrive. And to finish with all this, we will tell you that also from Settings / Updates and security, we have the opportunity to leave the Windows Insider program at any time.

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