Save time updating windows 10 by disabling startup messages

Over the years Windows 10 is an operating system that has not stopped growing and evolving. And not only at a functional or feature level, but also in terms of its security and external appearance.

The latter is achieved thanks to the arrival of new designed elements that are implemented in the interface based on new system updates. Here we are going to talk about the animation that appears after starting the computer for the first time after a system update or when creating a new user. Specifically, we are going to show you how to deactivate the welcome message in case we no longer want to see it there in these cases.

Customize your Windows 10 welcome

Specifically, this login animation refers to a series of messages that appear on the screen when starting the PC after a major update. We also see it in version changes or for new user accounts. The messages include messages such as Hello, We are setting things up for you, We have some updates for your PC, or This may take several minutes. Surely you have seen these on more than one occasion.

Therefore, in the event that you consider that they do not make much sense, we will teach you how to get rid of them forever. In addition, it must be taken into account that the elimination of these welcome messages makes the login in these circumstances significantly faster. Therefore it can be said that the fact of deactivating these animated messages completely, saves time for new users when logging in for the first time.

Well, at this point we will tell you that this is something that we are going to carry out through the Windows 10 registry. In this we are going to make some simple changes with which we can eliminate these messages that we refer to here. As usual, we will tell you that we must be careful when making changes to the Windows 10 registry, let’s be careful not to touch what we should not. Thus, what we can do is make a backup copy of it from the File / Export menu option.

Disable animated system welcome messages

To say that to access this section, it is something that we achieve by pressing the Win + R key combination and typing regedit in the box that appears. Then a new window opens which is the registry editor, in which we go to the path: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon”.

Next we right- click on the Winlogon folder, specifically in the right pane, and create a new New DWORD (32-bit) value that we call “EnableFirstLogonAnimation”. Once we have it on the screen, we double-click on it again and set its value to «0».

At that moment we can close the registry editor, so for the changes to be effective, we do not have to close the session or restart the computer. Of course, in the future if we want to undo the change and continue to see the login animation, we just have to set the value of that input, to “1”.

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