Reopen open folders when shutting down windows 10 with this trick

When we work with our Windows computer, there are situations that can make us despair, and one of them is that it can be restarted suddenly, or an error appears on the screen of which we have no other options than to restart it ourselves without the possibility of save what we were doing. Once restarted, the desktop appears without the windows and applications that we had open. Therefore, today we are going to see how to solve it.

On many occasions we must restart the computer without time to react. Once restarted, if we had the browser open with several tabs, it is possible to reopen or recover the sites that we had open before the restart, but the same does not happen with the folders or applications that we were using.

The fact that when we restart the computer it allows us to automatically reopen applications is a feature that is highly valued by MacOS users . But this does not mean that we cannot carry it out on our Windows computer and even with some additional advantages, such as the possibility of restoring folders as well. In this way, we can configure the operating system to also restart the File Explorer windows that were working before the restart occurred .

Keep windows open when restarting Windows

Keeping open windows active when we restart Windows 10 is possible. To do this we must activate an option called “Restore folder windows prior to login”. This utility will be in charge of ensuring that everything is as it was before the computer was restarted, so we are going to see how we can activate it. The problem is that it is not in a simple location, so it may be difficult for us to find.

The first thing to do is open the File Explorer and click on the “View” tab and then on the “Options” tab. Next, a new window will appear, where we must click on the “View” option at the top.

Once we are in the “View” option, we must move through the list that appears on the screen. We must find the option “Restore folder windows prior to login”, which we must mark. Finally, we will click on “Apply” and then on “OK”. From now on, every time we restart Windows, all the windows that we had open before restarting will automatically open.

It is also possible to keep applications open

In the same way that we can keep folders open when restarting Windows, we can also keep open the applications that we were running automatically.

The first thing to do is enter the “Configuration” mode of Windows 10, using the keyboard shortcut “Windows + I”. From here, we will access the “Accounts” section. Once here, we will click on “Login Options”, located in the left column.

Now we must lower the screen until we find the “Privacy” section. Here we must check the box “Use my login information to finish configuring my device automatically after restarting or updating it.”

Thus, every time we restart the computer due to a system update or after installing an application, all the applications that we were using up to that moment will start again. This feature is compatible with all editions of Windows 10, be it Home or Pro.

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