Protect your computer by changing the windows password

Security is one of those sections in which we constantly pay great attention in these times. More if we take into account that we use the Internet constantly, with the dangers that all this can bring if we are not careful. But we can not only suffer privacy violations in online mode, but in person, for example by accessing the Windows computer without our permission.

That is why, whether for one issue or the other, we must be careful what we do and take precautions. For example, as we have told you on so many occasions, the installation and use of antivirus is increasingly important. This prevents us from potential attacks that may come from outside. With this we take care of both the system and the data and applications that it houses.

But as we mentioned, those are not all the dangers to which we are exposed. And it is that in most cases, we will need access to our equipment to be protected in some way. What’s more, from here we recommend that you use some type of authentication to access Windows, at all times. The operating system itself presents us with several solutions in this sense, something that has grown over time. With everything and with this, the most common is the use of traditional passwords.

Password in Windows is the safest way to protect your computer

As you can imagine, the use of this element related to security is very important in order to protect access to our PC in this case . Through it, anyone who tries to access the PC, and therefore Windows and all its applications and data, will have to know that password. Otherwise, this access will not be possible, with which we protect everything that we have stored here in a simple and direct way.

This is directly associated with our Windows user account , which can be both Microsoft and local. In fact, the arrival of the first commented modality came from the hand of Windows 10. This opens a wide range of possibilities, since in addition to allowing us access to the system as such, it gives us the possibility of using the many other services of the from Redmond. We can do all of this from a single account and a single password.

At the same time, we must bear in mind that when we install Windows 10, the system lets us choose between both modes to register the software. That is, we can choose between whether we want the account to be local or whether we want to use a Microsoft account. Saying that the first is used only in the system itself, which does not give us access to using the firm’s cloud platforms such as OneDrive, for example. Be that as it may, we can change these passwords later, for which Configuration will be very useful.

Therefore, in the event that you need to change the Windows password, either of one type or another, we are going to show you how to do it. To do this, the first thing we do is access the Windows Settings application , something that we achieve from the Win + I key combination.

Change Windows password with Microsoft account

As we have said, if we have logged into Windows with a Microsoft account, the password of our Windows will be the same as that of our Microsoft account. In case you want to change the password for another, all you have to do is open the Settings window from the Windows 10 start menu . Once in this window to which we refer, we have to click on the Accounts section.

On the left side of it, we find a series of options, all of them related to this that we are commenting on, so in this case we go to Email and accounts.

This will show us the accounts that we have registered in the operating system, including the Microsoft one that we refer to in this case. In addition, it is highlighted making it clear that it is an account of the software giant, so we only have to click on it. Then on the screen we will see that a new button appears that reads Manage, in which we click.

Then and automatically, a window will open in the default browser, which will give us access to the data of our account of the Redmond firm. Likewise, it is possible that before doing so we will be obliged to enter our access credentials, email and password. Well, once we are in the configuration page of our account, we will see that we can customize several parameters. In the upper left corner, below the profile photo, we see a charm called More Actions, which shows a drop-down list. In it is where we find the option to Change password.

This, after confirming the current access password to the account, will present us with a new window in which we will have the possibility to enter the new password.

How to change the password of a local account in Windows

On the other hand, and as we mentioned earlier, it may also be the case that we want to make this same change, but from a local account. As we say, this refers to that valid account only to access the operating system as such. However, since it is not from Microsoft, it will not give us access to the rest of the company’s services and platforms.

Well, at this point, again we have to put ourselves in the aforementioned application configuration system from Win + I. Again we click on the Accounts section, but in this specific case we go to Login options.

In this section we are going to find all the possible means by which Windows 10 allows us to log in to the software. Here we see therefore the possibility of adding a PIN, a physical key, an image, the face, the fingerprint, etc. But what interests us here is the password that we have been talking about. Thus, we have to click with the mouse there, to show the Change button, where we click.

This will allow us to modify this parameter to which we refer. Be that as it may, in both cases and to access the operating system on the welcome screen, we will have to use the new password that we have specified.

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